Tabby Tuesday: There Are Still Toys Everywhere

tabby tuesday simon 01022018 - Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!Hello friends! It’s Tabby Tuesday again, the first one of the New Year, and there are still toys everywhere. I’m glad too because the Christmas Tree is gone and the furniture is all back to where it used to be. Actually the tree isn’t really gone, it got stuffed in a big box and went upstairs to live with the Upstairs Warrior Princess Precious.

I really didn’t know what to expect Christmas morning but it sure was fun.  Brother Brian was mostly interested in all of the wrapping paper, but not me, I’d never seen so many toys all in one place before.  Well, there is the Zoe Toy Basket, but these were new toys that had to be opened, and that part was fun too.  We had one toy that had to be put together and the Dad didn’t seem to know what he was doing.  After the Dad got it all put together and gave it to us we took it apart MOL!  Oh, we’ve taken it apart several times but at least the Dad is getting practice putting it together now.

Hunting that red dot has been lots of fun, especially when it runs in and out and over and under the new toys.  Did I mention we got new toys?  OH, I did?  There’s lots of them.  It’s probably a really good thing that I waited until after Christmas to try and climb the Christmas Tree.  Let me tell you, the Mom was not amused.  I really didn’t climb it but I was on my way.  Maybe next year.

Have a fun Tuesday everyone, I’ll see you soon.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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6 years ago

It sounds like you had SUCH a fun Christmas, Simon! I hope that 2018 is just as much fun!

The Poupounette Gang
6 years ago

That’s great about the toys, Simon! We still have our Christmas tree. It is always there until at least January 6th. The lights are so pretty in these gloomy days!

The Chans

Crystal Stewart
6 years ago

That’s great you got so many toys for Christmas. Simon, don’t try to climb the Christmas tree. Christmas 2017 may be over but Christmas 2018 is in 11+ months so Santa Paws is watching. As for your Christmas tree I’m glad the lights are pretty but since I’m part Irish we believe it’s bad luck if the tree isn’t down before the New Year gets hear. Everyone is different so enjoy your tree and lights as long as you want. Happy New Year.

6 years ago

I’m not sure if you mentioned the toys or not….
WOW what fun!

6 years ago

Oh Simon, you do keep everyone entertained, don’t you. So glad that Santa brought you so many toys to keep your kitten body busy and hopefully out of trouble. You all have a great day and stay warm.

6 years ago

Our living room always looks like a toy explosion with my sisters! Mom took our tree down last Friday because Madison was beating it up by always running under it and we were afraid it might fall over. Enjoy the return of space!

Angel Sammy and Teddy
6 years ago

Oh boy!!!! Lotsa toys huh? Lucky you……….we wanna know what toy you all learned to take apart as soon as it was put together! Had to be a fun one…………..HAPPY NEW YEAR PLUS ONE!

Love, Teddy

Madi and Mom
6 years ago

Next year you will be a pro at the Christmas thing…but I predict the red dot will still be a mystery
Hugs madi your bfff

Pat Hatt
6 years ago

haha at least you were nice enough to wait. You just wanted to thank the tree for all those great new toys. Keeping the dad’s brain working by making him put the toy back together is helpful too.

Sailor Edgar
6 years ago

You certainly look excited about the new toys!
By its very nature, the red dot will always be a mystery. 😉

6 years ago

Hey that red dot game is so much fun! Glad to learn you like it.

Sounds like you had a great holiday.

For other people (all of you kitties and doggies are certainly people!) reading this, check out my blog. I manage a homeless cat colony and several adopted cats. Get your ‘beans to check it out! There are some interesting stories there.
Hey, wonderful creatures stay well!


caren gittleman
6 years ago

Oh Brother Simon I see that “toy-crazed” expression in your eyes! So thoughtful of you all to give your Dad a tutorial on how to put the toy together by continuously taking it apart lol!!!! Thank COD you didn’t try to climb the Christmas tree during the holiday! Poor Mom!

6 years ago

Oh, Simon! I don’t know how they keep up with you!

The Swiss Cats
6 years ago

Your Christmas sounds like a lot of fun ! Purrs

Ann Staub
6 years ago

My cats have been climbing that Christmas tree all season. It’s looking a bit silly now! Time to take it down soon.

Eastside Cats
6 years ago

Simon, every day is Christmas around Eastside Cats, because there are toys strewn EVERYWHERE! Manny and Chili Bruce are masters at kicking stuff around!

Sherri-Ellen T-D.
6 years ago

Mew mew mew aren’t toyss thee best Brofur Simon??? Mee betss you will bee havin fun fur dayss an dayss to come!!
An mee can just see you tryin to climm thee tree….better luck next year!!! Mew mew mew….
So far 2018 has been wunndrfull. Wee have had so much snow an snuggle together a lot!
**nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx

The OP Pack
6 years ago

Brother Simon, you sound just like the youngest grandbiped – so excited over all the new toys. Never lose the joy of youth!!!

Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Jan K
6 years ago

Simon, it sounds like you had a very merry Christmas, and the fun is still going! That should keep you busy all winter!

The Island Cats
6 years ago

Our tree is still up, but it’s nekkid. The mom took all the fun stuff off of it and boxed it all up. She said the tree will disappear tomorrow.

Laila and Minchie
6 years ago

Yes, Brother Simon, you must make it your mission next Christmas to run up that tree!

Mickey's Musings
6 years ago

Sounds like you all had a pawsome Christmas and New Year 🙂
Keep on having fun,especially with the new toys!

Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

Katie Isabella
6 years ago

You all had the best Christmas. I did too. Mostly new toys, but all the favorite brovvers. too. XXX

Ellen Pilch
6 years ago

You are lucky kitties.

Cathy Keisha
6 years ago

Whoa! Your Christmas tree went and hid before “Little Christmas”? We encourage Fraser to stay unil after the 6th except the guy last year got kicked out early.

LLL in Our Backyard
6 years ago

The toys are all over the lace here too…in fact, since Rosy got here, they ALWAYS seem to be all over the pace ;-)!
Jakey, Arty & Rosy

Lola The Rescued Cat
6 years ago

You guys had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

Fur Everywhere
6 years ago

MOL!! Next year, you’ll have to try to climb the tree again. We never tried to climb ours. Carmine DID try to chomp a glass ornament when the Mom was putting it on the tree, but once everything was on it, he left it completely alone.

We are glad you all had such a good Christmas! You most certainly deserved it!! <3

6 years ago

Our tree is still up, Simon. You could always come and visit and climb it, but you had better hurry … Mom and Dad say it’s coming down real soon!

Deziz World
6 years ago

Hey Simon, glad you had fun on Christmas. We got new mousies and balls fur Christmas. What’s this toy your dad had to put together? That sounds like great fun. Big hugs fur all.

Luvs ya’

Raena and Dezi

Fraidy Cats!
6 years ago

you are very floofy, Simon 🙂 we’re glad you got a lot of new toys for Christmas too, Simon, since the toys on the tree are gone now 😀 have fun!

pip, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

Little Binky and Granny

Toys have to be around, Brian…everywhere…MOL 😀 We still have our little tree around. Grandpaw is home for vacation and he wants to feel like Christmas all the time, so Granny is waiting until he gets back to work…big surpurrize when he comes back…MOL 😀 Extra Pawkisses to all of you 🙂 <3