URGENT: Please Help Pingo and Polo in Greenville SC – SHARE OFTEN

please help pingo and poloI have an urgent please from one of our local caregivers to find a place for Pinto and Polo, otherwise, if they have no place they will have to be put to sleep. Time is running out on them so please share far and wide and often.

Here if the message I received…

This is a very sad time for an elderly woman and her two kitties…..Inge, a just turned 90 year ole woman has been kept alive because of the love of her two kitties. They have brought her the needed companionship and their need for care for the last 13 years. It all started when she was approached to “feed” a feral flame-point siamese named Alphonso. Inge had just buried her husband of 60 years one week before. Grieving and in mourning this kitty was heaven sent to help her get through her pain and loneliness. Inge, by the way was a young child on the run in Nazi Germany living on the run in the barns of rural farms during WW II.

Then it was that another kitty was looking for a home. His name was Pingo and he was a beautiful Burmese with bright blue eyes. These two did not get along very well and it was decided, since PIngo was a real looker that he might be able to find a home. A woman who lives 2 miles away was willing to take him and he did well for about a week in his own bedroom on the third floor of her home. Then it was that one night with the window open and the screen there he broke through the mesh and jumped three stories to the ground. He then proceeded to travel all night long, not knowing where he had been placed to find his way back to Inge. She opened the front door of her apartment to reach down for her newspaper that Sunday morning and there he was. “I’m home…..he seemed to say.”

The two kitties became inseparable and I mean like I have never, ever seen kitties. Alphonso and Pingo were constantly together. They slept in the same bed and looked like Ying and Yang, one at the head the other at the foot of their bed. When one walked off the other would stand guard waiting and watching for his buddy to come home. They washed each other and were more than constant companions. Sadly, Alphonso was put to sleep last summer, he must have been close to 18 and for a feral that is old. Then it was that Pingo stop eating and was very restless. He constantly was looking for his buddy. There was another kitty that someone in the apartment complex moved away and left and his name was Polo. Polo who was also cared for by Inge began to rub up against Pingo and after some time, he seemed to fill the void that Alphonso had created by his death. Pingo began to eat and was happy again.

Inge was taken back to Germany for one last time, to see her family. She did not want to go because of her kitties. I assured her that they would be well taken care of until she came home. Her son told me she would be back to her apartment for only a month and then she was to be admitted to a nursing home memory care facility. You see Inge has Alzheimers disease as I have watch it progress. All she wants to know is that her “babies” will be all right, and then she is willing to go. Her son, who is not a cat lover, wants me to put them to sleep. They have been like angels sent by God to minister to this woman just at the moment she thought her life was over at the death of her beloved husband of so many years. “The cats, have kept me alive, is what she would always say.”

So I am desperate to try and save them if I can. Brian and Terry please send this out to that wonderful, wonderful, following of kitty lovers and then I leave the rest to the One who created the to find a place to live out their lives.

Pingo is approximately 15 years old and a handsome boy. He is neutered, shots and had a full panel of bloodwork. Sadly he is FIV positive. He also was attacked savagely by a dog who tore up his back end just before Inge left for Germany. The hair is growing back but he is a bit gimpy when getting up from the concrete patio and his limps a bit. The rest of his bloodwork is normal.

Polo is a beautiful solid buff kitty a big boy who was neutered and had a full panel of bloodwork which came back perfectly normal. He is about 9 years old. I understand the chances of finding them a home is very slim, but I somehow believe maybe they are angels, somehow, to have found a woman whose heart was broken and healed it and allowed her to live through them and a kitty who so loved the little German lady that he traveled back home safe and sound only to be waiting on her doorstep the next day, that miracles do happen.

If you feel you can help, please email me Terry at terryfrum (at) gmail (dot) com. Please know that we always do proper vetting to ensure the safety of the kitties we help.  Please share often and everywhere.  Thanks friends.

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29 thoughts on “URGENT: Please Help Pingo and Polo in Greenville SC – SHARE OFTEN

  1. Princess Leah

    Oh I have ALL my paws crossed that a new home is found for these darling Kitties
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. jansfunnyfarm

    Saw this today on fb but this is a more detailed story about these two cats. We so hope they get a home! For their sake, as well as their human’s, who obviously loves and cares about them.

  3. Valentine

    I will share this post right now and I cross my paws that they get a home. It would be very very sad if no-one came to their rescue. Purrs.

  4. Bob Barber

    I just posted this in a couple of places on my blog. I don’t have many readers, but I hope somebody sees it. Thank you for doing this. We’ll pray for the them. Bob

  5. Erin the Cat, Princess

    Oh my word, this is so very sad. And whilst the situation is so very often the case, especially with relatives that don’t care or like cats, it still shocks and disgusts me. We will be sharing and hope that these faithful companions find a home ASAP.
    Supportive purrs

  6. Marv

    Gosh! We will be purraying for Pingo, Polp and Inge. It is too bad about her son. I am a furry lucky boy that in our family us pets are so important. Our pawrents have gone out of their way over the years to ensure that we all know each other and have learned to get along…just in case something happens…

  7. Kitties Blue

    Mommy wishes they could save these kitties in honor of Inge, who saved them originally. Sending prayers. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  8. caren gittleman

    I am so sorry I didn’t see this til now. I just shared on Twitter and both of my facebook pages. I tagged a woman in SC (who is a Veterinarian and was Dakota’s breeder) to see if she can help. Paws crossed. xoxo

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