Sister Dolly Watches the Outback on Sister Saturday

sister saturday dolly 09012018Hello everyone, it’s Sister Saturday and I’ve been enjoying some time keeping my eyes on the outback. Oh, can you see Sister Seal in a snoozy pile behind me? Anyways, I am usually not that big of a window watcher but I’ve had fun doing it lately.  I am usually sacked out on my perch most of the time.

Anyways, I’ve been watching some of the ferals in the outback.  It’s been pretty hot and sunny so some of them have been laying in the shade under one of the big trees.  Mostly it’s been Momma Black, BK and the calico girl Cali, but occasionally I get to see Seal’s Mom.  Momma Black is the Mom to the feral BK.  BK is short for Big Kitten.  He used to be called K for kitten but when he grew up the peeps called him big kitten, or BK.  Momma Black is not the Mom of Cali, but she adopted her and treats her as her own.  Those two and Momma Black spend lots of time together.

Every once in a while I’ll see some squirrels playing and even some birds in the bird bath.  The ferals don’t seem to bother any of them too much.  Every once in a  while Cali will chase a squirrel but the squirrels are way to quick for her.

I hope you all have a terrific Saturday, see ya later!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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29 thoughts on “Sister Dolly Watches the Outback on Sister Saturday

  1. Comedy Plus

    Watching the feral family is a good thing. You must make sure they are okay. I’m sure your peeps see to that.

    Have a purrfect Saturday. My best to your peeps. ♥

  2. Diane D

    Dolly, you are such a beautiful girl and we appreciate the feral updates. Glad they have a nice place they can rely on food, water and shelter.

  3. The OP Pack

    Nice to see you today, Sister Dolly (and the little peek of Sister Seal behind you). We love that you enjoy watching the ferals. Does Sister Seal see her Mama out there too?

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Marv

    Oh! Boy! You do have a a great Feral TV Show! I miss my bird tv, but Mom puts on the Conell Bird Cam for us sometimes (Like today, we are all in the bedroom as the painters are doing doors today!)

  5. Adorapurr

    I love hearing about the feral kitties. My mom loves working with ferals. She says there is not a better high than the moment a feral trusts her enough to bump her leg and allow a petting. I hope you have a Wonderpurr week!

  6. madi and mom

    Sister Dolly your eyes are absolutely stunning. WOW does your dad have a name for that color…
    Mom would love a blouse or top or even a room painted in that color very relaxing
    Hugs madi your bfff

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