Wordless Wednesday Windows with Sister Zoe

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39 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Windows with Sister Zoe

  1. Eastside Cats

    Zoe, am hoping that dazzling sweater (the English call them jumpers) keeps you from pulling out your fur! But just go with, “It’s my fashion statement for Autumn!”

  2. Comedy Plus

    You are so precious, Sister Zoe. You’re also my favorite kitty, but don’t tell the others. I love your sweater.

    Have a purrfect Wordless Wednesday. My best to your peeps. ♥

  3. The OP Pack

    You look lovely in your pretty green sweater, Sister Zoe. We bet it really complements your eyes.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. World Of Animals, Inc.

    Sister Zoe looking so beautiful in her sweater on this wonderful Wordless Wednesday. The sunlight is coming in just purfectly on your fur. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo. Have a terrific rest of your day.

  5. Valentine

    You look totally at ease in that sweater and it will keep the chills off fur certain! It looks like it is a big green hug wrapped around you.

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