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Hello everyone, it’s me Dolly here on Sister Saturday. It has sure been cold down this way and it has sure been wet down this way. Thankfully we didn’t have much snow and we missed the icy stuff too, so in this case it’s always good when we don’t have something!

The one thing I do have is a whole bunch of static in my furs. Sometimes it’s a lot worse than other times. It really gets bad at brushing time, and you know I love my brushing. I probably get brushed 15 to 20 times each day, by my request of course. But boy, talk about static cling, my furs stand straight up at brushing time. The Mom says it’s because the furnace is heating the house and the house is a bit dry. Well I hope so, who wants a wet house anyways?

We do have a small humidifier but we haven’t used it since Brother Simon and Sister Seal have been out n’ about in the whole house. We’re not quite sure what Brother Simon would do when he would see the stream of humidity coming out of the humidifier nozzle…but we can imagine. If the static keeps up we may have to give it a try anyways. Strange, I seem to be the only one affected by the static though. I must be electrifyingly special.

Hey, before I go I wanted to let you know that Chewy is having a wonderful sale with 20% Off Hundreds of Toys. You csn never have too many toys, so check it out. I’ll see you soon and remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!
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30 thoughts on “Staticat Sister Saturday with Dolly

  1. Jan K

    Oh no, we hate static season! In our experience, the humidifier only helps a certain amount with that anyway. The one we have doesn’t really spit anything out though. I wonder if they make some kind of spray for cats that can be used when brushing which would help?
    Static or no, you are looking quite pretty today, Sister Dolly! ♥

  2. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    That static is a nuisance, isn’t it Dolly. I am a static magnet too but all year round. Often when I am in the supermarket I go to take something off the shelf and there is a loud crackle! The worst though is the moving walkways. I daren’t put my hand on them.

  3. meowmeowmans

    That static electricity does crazy stuff, for sure, Dolly. About the humidifier … our Gracie puts her front paws on the humidifier and sticks her face right into the cool mist. It’s like a spa day! MOL!

  4. Sandee

    Your peeps are very smart and I’m sure they will figure out what needs to be done. There are lots of sites with ideas about kitty hair and static. What I do know that those dryer sheets are a no-no. I know your peeps know that.

    Have a purrfect Sister Saturday. My best to the rest of the kitties and your peeps. ♥

  5. Diane D

    That static thing is a problem in winter! We forgot all of the curious stuff kitties get into: we gave away all of our houseplants and have covered many surfaces with tin foil (which they hate) to keep them off certain areas. We also bought a baby gate to keep them out of our open banister high loft as it looked as if they were going to try to fly soon LOL

  6. World Of Animals, Inc.

    Happy Saturday Sister Dolly. We hope you give the humidifier another chance. Thanks for sharing the Chewy sale. Going to stop over to see what they have for our furbabies. Have a great weekend.

  7. Cathy Keisha

    You are special, Dolly. Our house is really dry this year too. Drier that usual considering it’s been rainy. Because it’s dry, I’ve been getting those asthma attacks cos I don’t stay in TW’s room where the Venta is. The Venta doesn’t have no steam coming out of it.

  8. Mickeys Musings

    Dolly, you are such a pretty kitty!
    You just may need that humidifier.
    We find when it gets dry there is electric shocks when mum goes to pat us.
    None of us like that !
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  9. CatonsvilleCats

    We know all about the static, Dolly! The Petsmart cats get zapped lots this time of year and we hate scaring them like that when we’re trying to pet them! We used to have some wet wipes in the cupboard that broke up the static, but we haven’t had any of those for awhile.

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