A Tabby Tuesday Valentine Dilemma with Brother Simon

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Hello everyone, here I am on Tabby Tuesday and I’ve got a bit of a dilemma on my paws.  Yes, seriously, a dilemma, and I’m not quite sure what to do about it.  Brother Brian told me not to worry about it, but sometimes you just can help but worry.  Actually, maybe it isn’t so much of a dilemma, maybe it’s just more of a concern.

Okay, what’s got me all concerned?  Well, it started just the other day when Brother Brian was working on a Valentine card to send to his girlfriend Scylla.  All of a sudden it occurred to me, hey, I don’t have a girlfriend or a gal pal.  I’m three years old and no gal, that just doesn’t seem right.  So, I really don’t have anyone to send a Valentine card to, it’s a problem.

I’ll guess it’s not really something that can’t be solved.  I could send a Valentine card to my Mom, she’s pretty special to me.  I could send a Valentine card to my Sister Seal, she is really special to me.  I couldn’t leave the other sisters out, Zoe and Dolly might get upset.  I could send a Valentine card to each of these special gals, but that’s might be a lot of art work.  I know, I know, maybe Brother Brian is right, I won’t worry about it, at least for this year.  I’ll just tell everyone of my Sisters and my Mom Happy Valentines Day on Thursday, hopefully that and a purr will be okay.

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See y’all soon, have a fun Tabby Tuesday everyone. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Mickeys Musings
3 years ago

Simon, wishing your mum and sisters a happy Valentine’s day is the best idea!
You can even wish it for Brian and your Dad 😉
We wish you a happy Valentine’s day 🙂
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

3 years ago

we have the same problem… but we decided to send a valentines card to ourselves… we love us LOL

Princess Leah
3 years ago

You are surrounds by loves!!!!! That’s not a dilemma, that’s just pawfect!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

3 years ago

Don’t worry about Valentine’s Day, Simon! For me, it’s just a day to spread love to all my pals. And it will probably be the first one my human hasn’t had a Valentine for – well, for a really long time! But it doesn’t seem to be bothering her any. So maybe you are fine just the way you are.

3 years ago

Women are just trouble! ESPECIALLY sisters! But Moms and Dads are cool! ~Bear Cat

Pat Hatt
3 years ago

haha yeah, that would be a lot of work. Just get them all in one spot and then pass a card around.

Margaret Elmendorf
3 years ago

Oh Simon, that is a delima. There are lots of ladies here that would love to be your valentine since you are so handsome. Precious is especially pretty and she is a Tabby also. Just saying. You all have a great day.

Scylla, Chimera, Yin, Yang, Fenris & Tuiren

Well you can come celebrate Malentine’s with Yang, he doesn’t have a girlfriend either. The kittens are celebrating Friendship, and Siblings since they are all unattached including the lovely Miss Yin who is 3 and Miss Chimera who is 2. They will be celebrating Galentine’s.

3 years ago

Bailie and I don’t have any one special pup either. We like to play the field with lots of boys. I wouldn’t worry about not having a special kitty this year.

Memories of Eric and Flynn

I am sure your mum and sisters will be happy with that. Who knows, you may have a Valentine of your very own by next year. A ladycat may even see your post today and ask to be your Valentine.

Diane D
Diane D
3 years ago

Oh, Simon, I was thinking your dilemma was “where to get some heart-shaped catnip treats?” LOL

3 years ago

Simon – like you I’m three (well, almost……my birthday is March 4) and I don’t have a “special lady” in my life either. I’m too busy being a big kitten to think of romance – unless you count the fact that I love my Mom and Dad and all my blog buddies and Cat Scout friends. I just did a Valentine’s Card to EVERYONE and since Mom calls me a GREAT BIG LOVE BUG I figure a general card covers EVERYONE!

Love, Teddy

cecilia upchurch
3 years ago

Brian is correct…don’t worry about it. Mom’s are a guyz biggest fan anyway.
Hugs Cecilia

Rev. Tom Fishworthy
3 years ago

This year the housekeeper has gone overboard, but as long as my dish has something special in it for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be happy. – Tom x PeeEss: You’ll get a girlfriend eventually. It took me ages!

Lola The Rescued Cat
3 years ago

You could just do a Valentine post for all of your blogging gal pals. We ALL love you!

3 years ago

I say don’t worry about it either. You have special gals right there at home. If the right kitty comes along you’ll know it and so will she. Perhaps next year.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Happy and Tabby Tuesday. My best to your peeps. ♥

Eastside Cats
3 years ago

Simon, I’m sure you’ll have a special ladycat soon; how could you not?

Crystal And Daisy Mae
3 years ago

First, Queen Daisy Mae And I want to wish you and everyone else an early Happy Valentine’s Day. Second, Queen Daisy is 12 and has never had a boyfriend and she doesn’t worry or care. Finally, Queen Daisy Mae and I would just love to be your valentines. As long as you have someone or people you love then you will have a great Valentine’s Day. However, Queen Daisy Mae And I would just love to be your valentine.

3 years ago

Simon don’t feel alone, we don’t have anyone to send a card to either, so we’re sending love to each other!

Mary Kirkland
3 years ago

Yes, just wish your mom and sister a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Ellen Pilch
Ellen Pilch
3 years ago

Any girl would be lucky to be your Valentine cutie. XO

katie Isabella
katie Isabella
3 years ago

ALL the ladycats and mom do deserve a card or at least a smooch and a purr on Valentine’s Day. You’ll git ‘er done next time.

Peaches & Paprika
3 years ago

Simon, so you like older ladies? We are 8 years old, but seeings as you are so handsome and gorgeous AND have stripes, we would be happy to apply for a position as your virtual girlfriends! We think you have beautiful eyes and you definitely have the look of “cat with dilemma!”

The Swiss Cats
3 years ago

We understand your dilemma, Simon, and wishing your mum and sisters a happy Valentine’s day sounds like a great idea ! Purrs

The OP Pack
3 years ago

None of us have boy/girl friends either, but we are happy to have lots of great friends like all of you. Thanks for the tip on the Frisco goodies. We have a few of their products here now.

Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

The LLB Gang
3 years ago

Me and Jakey have also decided to just celebrate love this year…Arty is busy making his Valentine for his gal Mabel!

Jan K
3 years ago

We are sure your Mom and sisters will be very happy with your special wishes, Simon. We think if you decided you wanted a girlfriend, you would have no trouble – they’ll be lining up!! ♥

3 years ago

Sweet Simon we are shocked that you do not have a girlfriend as handsome as you are. We bet you will have one soon, just hang in there. We love Chewy we had an order arrive just a few minutes ago. Hugs and nose kisses

Melissa & Mudpie
3 years ago

You’ll do just fine, cutie pie. Everyone can be your Valentine!

Emma and Buster
3 years ago

MOL! Happy Valentine’s day sweet handsome boy!

William’s Kith & Kin

Your mom is always a sure bet, Simon–that’s what we do!

3 years ago

Don’t date a girl just to have a date, it won’t work out, i promise. Maybe this year you will find “the one.”

Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song
Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song
3 years ago

You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend. We have been going stag all our lives. That’s where the fun is.

Cathy Keisha
3 years ago

Simon, I think Seal is your girl. She’s not your real sister. Play the field like I do. I hope to get Valentines from lots of mancats. Maybe next year I’ll get one from you too.

3 years ago

Simon, you’re only 3 years old. I think you need to keep your Valentine’s options open.

3 years ago

Aww, don’t worry about it, Simon. Valentine’s is perfect for celebrating all kind of love, and you have the most loving family and friends who adore you!

Sailor Edgar
3 years ago

The best solution is probably valentines for those nearest and dearest to you.

Mollie Hunt
3 years ago

Forget the cards and give treats!

Deziz World
3 years ago

Hey Simon, I’s don’t have a special mancat either. But, I’s think you’re very special. Mine’s family luvs your family, so I’s gonna wish you a Happy Valentine’s day and our family wishes the same fur your family. Big hugs fur all.

Luvs ya’

Raena and Dezi