Save the Kitties Update: Can Someone Save Just One?

This is an update to our original Save the Kitties post which I’ve included below.  The Deadline has past and their fate has been sealed.  We’d like to save just one.  If you can open your heart or home, I’d like to introduce you to Sylvester.


This fellow came from the colony and he was the most starved. He is super duper sweet and bumps heads all the time. He has until Thursday. He is fIV/FeLeuk negative, has had rabies/distemper shots and is neutered. He is a bobtail or MANX!!!!!!!!! Plus he uses the litter box without a problem, neat as can be. This is a time urgent! Share often please. Thanks.

FAILURE – DEADLINE was Monday, April 8th – FAILURE!

Friends, we need your help. Please share quickly and as often as you can or if you can help please let me know quickly.

Our friend Jenna got a call from Scott, the Greer City Animal Control officer, who said that a woman called him. She had moved into a rental in a poor mill village and there were cats. Seems the former tenant threw food out the door, scraps and they hung around. Scott said he could set a trap out every day and take them to GCACS and they would be euthanized. The woman said she would feed them as long as Jenna talked to her and the landlord even though her gut was telling her this may not be a permanent solution.

So Bill, one of our special TNR friends, went out and got 12 kitties trapped in 20 minutes, they were beyond starved to death. We got them spayed/neutered (8 females all in heat and 4 males). There is one large male, skinny, and a really starved long-haired tuxedo who is real friendly. The others are all young, 6 months or so, some friendly others skittish.

When Bill went back to drop them off the woman is not there! So we have 12 cats and since yesterday Jenna has been living on the computer and phone calling every vet, horse farm, from this state to the next and have no luck whatsoever. Cheri, our friend in NC, is working on it as well.

We are looking for a sanctuary, or barn situation or feeding station for them. They have been FIV/and FeLeuk tested as well and of course rabies and distemper shots given. We have until Monday when Jenna will have to make a decision. Pal Crystal has some in her garage, Bill has some in his garage and another fellow with CCA has 3. Jenna is beyond desperate because this time there are so many, not just one kitty. Jenna says of all the years she has done TNR, this has never happened. The mill village cannot even afford to care for themselves let alone an animal. Some don’t have electricity!

Right now they’re eating like there’s no tomorrow, and sadly, if we can’t help, they may be right. Thank you for sharing and caring.

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5 years ago

oh no, sylvester ist the perfect cat and friend… we hope so much for a happy end….

Cecilia Upchurch
5 years ago

Sending tons of purrs for Sylvester..what a handsome boy
Hugs Cecilia

Three Chatty Cats
5 years ago

We’re hoping someone can help sweet Sylvester!

emma and buster
5 years ago

Sylvester we hope you can get your happy ending and forever home.

5 years ago

I Tweeted – it’s so hard these days to find people who can help. 🙁

William’s Kith & Kin

We so wish we could help. 🙁

Ellen Pilch
5 years ago

I just emailed the vet tech program at a local college. They often take kittens for students to work with and are well treated and always adopted after classes. Are there any programs in your area that might do that? I will contact you if I hear from them.

5 years ago

It’s heartbreaking, i wish more could be done for them.

5 years ago

Oh I would love too but I have my hands full with four dogs, one cat at home, a horse and three barn cats I care for. Sorry ……My adopted Lily Bit just turned 2 five days ago and I think adopting that baby girl was the best thing I have ever done.

5 years ago

I will tweet about Sylvester right now! And tomorrow, too!

Pat Hatt
5 years ago

Will tweet away hopefully the poor guy gets some help.

Cathy Keisha
5 years ago

Oh Sylvester, I’m hoping so hard you can find a home. Bobtail cats are so lovable.

Little Binky and Granny

*with tears in my eyes* Good Luck Pawkisses and Purrayers for you sweet Sylvester💗💗💗