Sister Saturday with Seal the Mighty Hunter

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Yes, it’s Sister Saturday and things are looking up. Well, actually I’m looking up just in case there are any bugs on the ceiling…or light fairies. Ya just never know when and where they might appear, and appear one did yesterday. Oh, before I tell you about that, thanks for coming by to see me, I appreciate you!

Anyways, there I was, minding my own business, when I heard some stomping in the hall. It wasn’t a stomping that I recognized either so, in a flash, I was off to investigate. There it was, a bug, a really big bug, it was huge! I captured it! Okay, okay, let’s just say I had that big thing cornered. I yelled for some help. Nothing. Everyone was sleeping. I yelled again. Finally Brother Simon came to help. Then, out of nowhere, the Mom showed up and took it away. DRAT.

I am the mighty hunter, it was my huge bug first, so I should have gotten to keep the trophy. What’s that Simon? Oh, I don’t need to tell them that, it’s irrelevant. Okay, okay, I’ll tell them. It was an itty bitty ant, but hey, I still had it cornered! I am the mighty hunter!

Have a fun day Saturday everyone. See y’all soon. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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32 thoughts on “Sister Saturday with Seal the Mighty Hunter

  1. Cleo

    Oh Seal, for all anyone needs to know it was monstrous, and you saved the world from its terror. Funny, just last night mom made too much splash with dish detergent and sent a fluttering of tiny bubbles in the air. Dad watched my staring upward like you are and laughed at my stalking a miniscule bubble as if it were a bug or something.

  2. Katie Isabella

    I am impressed! WE need to have a safari together! No telling what we’ll being home between the two of us.

  3. Cecilia Upchurch

    Oh Seal your eyes……WOW.
    I tell you we coulda used you here on Friday Morning when may favorite daughter and SIIL were visiting.
    Somehow a wasp got in the house….She heard it buzzing (with her young ears) then said do you hear buzzing…I did not but there it was on the light fixture above the table. Angel Madi would have been stalking that buzzer for sure.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Pam

    HAHA Sister Seal you are amazing. I am all about Lily getting any bug in the house, esp ants. Last yr I was sure they were all working together to take over the world, or my kitchen at least! So glad that mom took care of the issue and now you can focus on the next BIG bug that comes in.

  5. Catscue Catmom

    Sounds like you have some awesome hunting skills Sister Seal – good for you! Ants are much harder to corner than those silly june bugs our cats were after last week – they should look to you for inspiration.

  6. World Of Animals, Inc.

    Seal, you are doing such a great job protecting the family while they sleep. With the weather being warmer now. Those little bugs are going to start showing up more often now. Thanks for the share. Have a great rest of your weekend.

  7. Melissa & Mudpie

    The other night Mommy and I were laying in bed reading when she looked up and saw a spider floating down towards the bed! She screamed and swatted at it, but it went back to the ceiling. She made me get up so she could stand on the bed and whack him with a shoe! –Mudpie

  8. messymimi

    My cats don’t announce it when they catch a bug, i’ve seen them eat it before i could get there to take it away. Especially damsel flies, they love those.

  9. Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

    We agree. Your mom should have at least given you a shot at the fly. Better luck next time champ.

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