Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: Purrs and Prayers for Our Dad Please

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Hello everyone, thanks for coming by for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am always thankful to each of you for joining us and as each of you know, every Thursday we share the things for which we are most thankful. We always enjoy reading all of the things you are thankful for too. If you’re new to our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, thanks for hopping in, we do excited when new blogger pals join us!

Today I’d like to ask you for purrs and prayers for our Dad, we would all appreciate that. Melanoma is a scary word, yet that’s the word the Dad heard when his Dermatologist called him last week. The Dad discovered a new strange looking place on his right leg, just up from his ankle. He visited his Dermatologist who did a biopsy. I already told you the results. Now then, for those of you experienced with this type of thing, it is a “Thin Melanoma” at 0.18mm and it is classified as Stage 1A. The Dad will be having surgery in real early July to have it removed.

So, why are we thankful today? Many reasons. The Dad spotted it early and it was not in an easy place on his leg for him to see it. He was able to see his Dermatologist the very next day as they happened to have had a cancellation right before the Dad called, it usually is a 2 month wait time to see him. His Dermatologist decided a biopsy was appropriate. He was able to get a surgical appointment in 3 weeks at one of the leading practices in the country. Oh yea, the Dad’s Dermatologist last name is Katz, so that’s a good thing too.

Of course we are always thankful for all of you! So, what are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments and then join us for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop
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77 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: Purrs and Prayers for Our Dad Please

  1. meowmeowmans

    Hi there, Brian. We are so grateful that your Dad saw that spot early, and that Dr. Katz was able to see him quickly. We are purring and praying, and sending all good thoughts! XO

  2. Jan

    So glad for the early diagnosis and we are wishing him all good thoughts for the upcoming surgery. It sounds like he has done everything right. and a doctor named Katz has to be good.

  3. Angie

    Adding my prayers to everyone else’s. No way God can ignore all these purrs heading his way! Catching it early is a very positive aspect to all of this.

  4. Purrseidon

    Meowser, Brian, dear furiend, for certain, I – and Katsu – will be sending purrayers for your dad’s full recovery! It sounds as if you’ve already had major success in that department, since he is getting prompt treatment. For anyone, who isn’t as fortunate to have concerned cats purraying over their cancer, I dare to hope they catch a good case of measles!
    PS – in case you’re wondering what I’m meowing about and/or think I’ve lost my whiskers:

  5. easyweimaraner

    we send lots of potp and our paws and fingers are crossed for your daddy… and we hope that the surgery ist enough and the bad news from his dogtor become history as soon as the evil thing is gone.

  6. Summer

    I’m glad your human caught it early! And I’m sending lots of healing purrs his way, so that he heals fast after it gets removed – and never comes back!

  7. Teddy

    We send your Dad a HUGE pile of POTP – my Mom has had melanoma and recurrent melanoma as well as other types of skin cancers so she TOTALLY understands. Glad he caught it soon as that makes a huge difference. Hopefully that surgery he’ll have will get rid of it FOREVER AND EVER!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  8. The Poupounette Gang

    That is a very scary word but, like you, we are thankful that your Dad spotted it early and did something about it immediately. What a great dad you have! We are purring hard that it will all be in the past very soon.

    Tama and Genji

  9. Margaret Elmendorf

    Oh no, poor Dad. We sure send lots of good thoughts and hope for good results on the surgery.Glad he was able to get surgery really early. We all sure have our paws crossed for him.

  10. The Menagerie Mom

    We are sending many, many purrs and prayers to your dad, Brian! It’s encouraging that it was found so early, and we are hoping and praying for a positive outcome.

  11. Madison

    We definitely will be praying for your dad. My mom gets her “spots” checked regularly, but thankfully they are all okay so far. I’m sure being caught so early, it will all be good, but it is still pretty scary stuff! Hugs to you and your family.

  12. Catscue Catmom

    Purrs and prayers for your Dad are in full force today. We are so thankful he found it quickly and got diagnosed quickly and will have it removed soon. We are always thankful for your Dad – he is such a kind mentor for new bloggers, always willing to give advice and encouragement. Your Dad is always one of the first to comment on our blog and we enjoy his kind and sweet perspective each day.

  13. Nicki and Derry

    We’re sending tons of purrs and purrayers to your dad! We’re thankful it was caught early and that he didn’t have to wait long for surgery. Best of luck, paws crossed!

  14. Cecilia Upchurch

    Oh dear Brian and family
    You have 2000% purrs and prayers from this household for the Best cat Dad ever and his Doc Katz. Yes for sure you have all positive vibes working in your favor. I think have Dr. Katz as the best doc EVER is the key to this

    Hugs Cecilia and my Bryan

  15. The Florida Furkids

    Purrs and prayers for your Dad. Mom’s GAL supervisor had the exact same thing in pretty much the same spot. They removed it and all margins were clear. She was thankful because she would never have spotted it.

    The Florida Furkids

  16. Eastside Cats

    Three of my five siblings have had melanomas removed; all were shallow and with good margins. Obviously, having Dr. Katz on your side is the best part! Hugs and purrs, yet we know you’ll come out of this just fine.

  17. Sandee

    Tons of prayers for your dad. I’m glad he caught it early and got right in. I’m thankful for that cancellation.

    Thank you for hosting the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your peeps. ♥

  18. lisa

    I am all too familiar with the C-word. And, it’s a scary word. Definitely prayers for Dad during this time and for a complete recovery. Sounds like there are already many things in which to be thankful already in discovering and getting appointments scheduled so quickly. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers for strength, hope and peace. xoxo

  19. Penny Demasi

    I am thankful that I have known your dad and mom for many years and I am sending prayers for your dad. Tell them hi for me.

  20. Kitties Blue

    Dear Brian…Dad Terry will be immediately added to Mom’s prayer list, and we will be sending piles of PTOP daily. Mom knows several people who have dealt with melanoma, and it is so good that your dad caught it at such an early stage. We know the next three weeks until surgery will drag on forever, so all of you will need to give your dad extra love and cuddles. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  21. Tamago

    Lots of purrs for your dad. We are also thankful that he found it early and got appointment with Dr. Katz early and all. We hope surgery will go smoothly. xo

  22. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….best fishez two yur dad; it izza scaree werd…tho we iz all sew grate full yur dad catched
    it in time….heerz 984 pawz crossed for him & mom two; who we noe iz worreed az well ♥♥♥

  23. caren gittleman

    We are thankful that Dad caught it early…that is an extremely good thing!!! We are sending tons of purrs and prayers that all will be ok. Your Dad means the world to us!!!

  24. Charles Huss

    I hope all goes well with your dad. It is good that you spotted it early. I know someone who didn’t spot it early. I’m not an expert but I have heard good things about juicing. The Gerson Institute treats cancer patients with fresh vegetable juices, among other things.

  25. Create With Joy

    Dear Brian, we will be back to party with you in a bit, but caught your post and wanted to send prayers and inspiration your way. A few years ago my husband had a similar diagnosis and I was petrified but the surgeon removed everything and he is now fine. We will keep you in our prayers for your upcoming surgery. Thank you for hosting – “peace be with you”!

  26. Katie Isabella

    BRIAN! I almost missed this with all that’s going on here. I am thankful I didn’t. Mom said she absolutely is going in and adding him to her prayer list immediately.

  27. Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

    Prayers for your dad. My mom had one removed from her news earlier this year and she is as good as new. You all try not to worry too much

  28. Kyna Bear

    Lots and lots of POTP for your dad. It sounds like everything has gone as fast and as smoothly as possible so far. Good job done by your dad to spot it and recognize that it needed to be looked at by his doctor. I love that he’s Dr. Katz. Hugs to all of you.

  29. Lola

    Sending your Dad prayers and positive energy. The MRI results I spoke of on my blog today are from a brain tumor at the base of my brain stem. It’s benign. I had radiation treatments to stop its growth. No change in size and the oncologist repeatedly said the tumor was dead or dying at this checkup. Very thankful and very blessed. I still have symptoms due to its location but I am so thankful that it showed up in a sinus x-ray last April.

  30. Annie

    Brian, yes I’ll pray for your dad. I hope it all goes well and doesn’t come back and heals quickly. You’re so right that there are things in this for which to be thankful.

  31. Cathy Kennedy


    Oh, I’m so glad your dad’s dermatologist caught the patch on his skin early. My late MIL had problems with skin cancer. DH has a few places on his face that I think he should have checked out but he’s like a mule. Maybe you can help me in pushing him to the doctor. Saying prayers and hopefully the procedure won’t be too painful. Have a furrtastic weekend!

  32. Erin the Cat

    Thank good ness that this was spotted and that you have been able to take such prompt action and got things in place for your dad. We will be saying lots of prayers and purring loads for him till it’s all sorted out.

  33. Maggie

    With all our purrs and prayers, not to mention a doctor named Katz, the Dad is sure to be fine. We are sending our most powerful good wishes.
    Love from your friends in Connecticut!

  34. Jan K

    We know it’s a very scary thing, but it is so good your Dad is getting this taken care of so quickly. We will be keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. ♥

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