Sister Saturday Lounging with Dolly

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Hello everyone, I almost missed doing my Sister Saturday post. Can you tell, I was just about ready to doze off and Brother Brian reminded me I had something to do. I told him I know, I need to take a nap. MOL! Brother Brian said goofy girl, you need to do your Sister Saturday post first, then you can take a nap. So, here I am, almost awake!

Anyways, you can probably tell I’m on the big bed lounging around. It sure is comfy and the cozy blankets are comfy too. Then as a bonus, since it’s Saturday, I’m trying to convince the Dad to lay down and take a nap with me. He does that sometimes on the weekend and I really love it. I like to curl up against his leg and keep it warm for him.

You know what else? Sometimes the Dad gets a crowd if he decides to take a nap. Sometimes at least 4 of us join him on the big bed for a nap, me, Zoe, Seal and Brian. Sometimes Brother Simon joins in too but he prefurs the window bench seat instead of the big bed. He is one silly boy!

I hope you all have a most wonderful Saturday, it’s nap time…see ya soon. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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3 years ago

A cuddle pile that includes the human sounds like fun!

Memories of Eric and Flynn

I bet your dad loves it when he has a crowd to keep him company when he has a nap.

Margaret Elmendorf
3 years ago

Sister Dolly, you do look very comfy.We sure hope the Dad comes to join you and we bet that he does. You all have a great day.

3 years ago

Oh Dolly, you sure do look like one happy comfy girl. I love laying against mom and dad’s legs too, and with the cooler temps coming I do it more and more. Have a great weekend!

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
3 years ago

Oh my mom said she wishes sometimes that she had a lot of furry family to snuggle with too. XX

Pat Hatt
3 years ago

Sure look comfy indeed. Nothing wrong with a big comfy together either.

3 years ago

Well girl I am with you…nothing like a good nap!! I am sure Lily would agree with us on that one. You look so adorable. Thinking that after working this morn, a good lunch, drive home, a nap will be called for!!

Cecilia Upchurch
3 years ago

Hello Dolly
Your Dad is quite lucky to have a purring lullaby
Hugs Cecilia

Crystal And Daisy Mae
3 years ago

Summer is right. Cuddling tight up against your human sounds like fun. Have a good kitty nap.

Catscue Catmom
3 years ago

Saturdays are for napping, especially if you can get a pile nap going!

Fraidy Cats!
3 years ago

you look especially cute, Dolly! enjoy your Caturday naps 🙂

minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

Pinot and Angel Momo
3 years ago

Dolly!! How adorable you are!

3 years ago

Gosh you look like you are ready to return to dreaming once the camera disappears! Go for it Sister Dolly! Enjoy!

Hugs, Teddy

The Whisker Times
3 years ago

When we first rescued a cat, I was afraid to move in the bed when it was in it with me. I just laid there like a motionless hotdog, afraid to move. Eventually I discovered that cats will adjust (usually).

3 years ago

I like to nap with Jackie as well. It’s a comfy feeling for everyone involved.

caren gittleman
3 years ago

I sure wish some of you kitties would come nap with ME! Tell Dad, Mom just put together MY maze…took over an hour…..she’s helpless. Love, Cody

3 years ago

The only nap better than a Saturday nap is Sunday afternoon attendance at Bedside Baptist!

Eastside Cats
3 years ago

Dolly, you are adorable, and I’m envious of you kitties who join your hudad for a nap!

The Swiss Cats
3 years ago

Group snuggling sounds great ! Purrs

Kinga K
3 years ago

What a pretty❤

The Poupounette Gang
3 years ago

Group naps sound great! You look so sweet in that photo, Dolly!

Tama and Genji

Mickeys Musings
3 years ago

Dolly, you do look mighty comey.
WE like snoozing on beds too and once in a while mum will join us. MOL!
Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

Melissa & Mudpie
3 years ago

Hope you all enjoyed a nice, long nap together!

Ellen Pilch
3 years ago are a cutie.

The Island Cats
3 years ago

Saturday sounds like a lot of fun around your house.

Cathy Keisha
3 years ago

Who wouldn’t prefer the big bed with you and your dad?

3 years ago

We love that your humans buy covers to match your fur. Do you go shopping with them or do that just take your grooming brush?

3 years ago

Hi Dolly! We like taking naps with our dad and mom, too! – Gracie and Ava

Mary Kirkland
3 years ago

I imagine with all of you trying to keep dad warm it’s hard for him to move while napping. lol

Little Binky and Granny

Looking very easy and sweet Dolly💗Pawkisses for a wonderful Sunday🐾😽💞

Jan K
3 years ago

We appreciate you interrupting your snooze to give us an update on everything, Sister Dolly! We bet there is a lot of purring going on at naptime there. ♥