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Yes, you’re right, it’s me Seal and it is Sister Saturday, and yes I am sitting. You might notice that I’m sitting on Sister Dolly’s favorite perch. She really is a good sister though, she didn’t seem to mind a bit. I offered to jump down but she said she was headed to the big bed for a nap anyways.

I started thinking about it, I do sit in a lot of places. How about you, do you sit around too? I usually sit in one of the cat trees, but I also sit on the ottman, in the new chair, on the back of the couch, on numerous scratchers, on the brushing perch in the big bathroom and by the kitchen table when the Mom and Dad are eating.

Speaking of the ottoman, I’d sit under it if I could but it’s way too low so I usually have to lay under it. The Mom giggles at me because I usually have a paw or two sticking out. Hey, it’s not my fault, they could have bought a bigger ottoman.

Okay, I’m moving on to the next sitting spot. I hope you all have a most wonderful Saturday. See you real soon. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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31 thoughts on “Sister Saturday Sitting Seal

  1. Pam

    You my dear are just the prettiest! I saw a feral yesterday that looked some like you in the face. Body was a cream color like you….but boy this feral is not missing any meals. I think that it must be getting fed all over the neighborhood. I think my sis in law is becoming a Cat Lady! They have three inside and oh my gosh not sure how many ferals that she feeds. Started with a couple a few months ago and now I think they have about ten. Three adorable blue eye kittens. I want them ALL!!! Enjoy setting and enjoying your day.

  2. Teddy

    You are a kitty who is interested in observing aren’t you Seal……hence the “sitting spots”. I rarely sit (strangely enough) – if I’m still and not walking around I just LIE DOWN. Sitting at the front door waiting to go out with one of my parents is pretty much the only time I sit!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Cathy Keisha

    You sure do sit a lot. I mostly sit on a piece of tissue paper waiting on TW to play with me. Otherwise I be sleeping in my igloo, cube and on the pink gym.

  4. Mark's Mews

    We actally sit almost everywhere possible. And that’s not counting the wandering sunpuddles. Fortunately, the big glass doors face South, so we get a lot of sunpuddles…

  5. Valentine

    Sisfur Seal, Mom says “you are like a vanilla and toffee treat.” Tee hee hee. Like you, I like to sit various places in the house. And I, too, have a tuffit. I can sit on top of it, but it is too low for me to lounge or sit under. There is a larger tuffit, but Dad usually occupies it with his feet and papers.

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