Tabby Tuesday Purrs for Simon

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Hey gang, it’s Tabby Tuesday and I thank you for stopping by. If you have some spare purrs to send my way I’d sure appreciate it. I had a pretty bad couple of days but I think I’m feeling some better. I’ve been throwing up, from both ends, if you know what I mean, and it wasn’t very much fun. I had to be cleaned up a bit and I wasn’t too keen about that either, but I did forgive the Mom and Dad pretty quickly. I’m really hoping I don’t get hauled off the the Vet place, it’s scary there.

Anyways, I have been enjoying seeing all of the Christmas things out n’ about and I was extra thrilled that the tree went up in the corner by the couch. Why was I thrilled? Well, my chair, this chair, didn’t get moved somewhere else so all in all it seems pretty normal. Normal is really good!

I’ve been trying to be really good, especially now. There’s a Santa in the corner and he’s been watching me, I mean really watching me. I think he’s working on his naughty list so I’ve given him a couple of nose kisses hoping he’ll keep me off of that list. He seems like a pretty cool dude, but his beard does tickle the nose when I give him a smooch.

Have a fun Tuesday everyone. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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48 thoughts on “Tabby Tuesday Purrs for Simon

  1. Summer

    Simon, knowing you, my first thought is, “What did you get into?” Whatever is going on, I’m sending you lots of purrs to get better!

  2. Mickeys Musings

    Simon, we are pretty sure Santa knows that you are a good kitty and a spirited one and that’s OK πŸ™‚
    WE purr your recent issues are over and that you keep feeling well <3
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  3. Madison

    Hope you feel better soon. Olivia was tossing her cookies a couple weeks ago, but it stopped after a day or two. It’s no fun not feeling well.

  4. Katie Isabella

    Simon darling, I had one of those episodes too, several years ago. It was horrible and scary for mom. YOU get all better quickly, handsome boy. POTP for you.

  5. Kim and Derry

    We’re sending our purrs and purrayers, Simon, and hoping that you won’t have to go to the v-e-t, that you are/will be just fine.

  6. The Poupounette Gang

    Oh Simon! We hate to hear of you not being well. We really hope it will clm down quickly. Did you eat something you weren’t supposed to eat? Genji is also having an “off” day today and he is about to get some meds (which he hates!).

    Tama and Genji

  7. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….we hope ta cod ya dinna eat any bass terd turkee….tho we due send st francis’ blessingz two ewe N hope ewe due KNOT have ta makez a trip ta de eeeeeeevil place ~~~~~~ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯

  8. Lisa

    You look extremely comfortable sitting in your favorite chair. I hope you continue to feel better. Being sick is definitely no fun. And, make sure you be nice to that Santa in the corner so you stay on the *nice* list for Christmas! πŸ™‚

  9. Mary McNeil

    Oh Simon ! We hope you get better real soon ! We are sending purrayers and POTP for all of you !

  10. The OP Pack

    Oh dear, Brother Simon – we are so sorry you have not been feeling great. We hope that wonderful tender loving care you get from Mom and Dad helps you feel so much better soon.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

    Oh no, our friend. We are so sorry. We hope you are feeling better. Sending prayers.

  12. Cathy Keisha

    Oh no, Simon! I’m sending plenty of healing purrz your way. Did you eat a few plastic tree needles or perhaps something else that you shouldn’t have. I know I shouldn’t blame you but it’s better than having something viral or germy cos you could spread those to everyone else.

  13. Angie

    Simon, poor Simon. I do hope you are over the worst of it. The holidays are no time to be under the weather! Enjoy those Christmas decorations!

  14. Fraidy Cats!

    we are sending lots of purrs for you, Simon. we hope you will start to feel better without having to go to that vet place. enjoy all of your CHristmas-y stuffs. we think Sandy Clawrs has a sense of humor when it comes to cats so no doubt he will be good to you come CHristmouse πŸ™‚

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  15. Deziz World

    Hey Simon, I’s so sorry to hear that you’ve not been feelin’ well. I’s know all ’bout those cleanin’ of the bloomers. It’s not much fun, but the mommy and in y9our case, daddy too, well, they do it so we don’t have too. Trust me, it’s much better that way. We’re glad to hear that altho’ Christmas is happenin’ at your house, it’s still kind’a normal. Normal is a good thing. Altho’, I’s don’t think we’ve seen normal ’round here in quite some time. It’s not that bad really. Anyways, we’re all sendin’ lots of hugs and purrayers fur you and your family.

    Luvs ya’

    Raena and Dezi

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