Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: Please Pass the Paper Towels

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Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. You all know that I am always thankful to each of you for joining us! Each and every Thursday we share the things for which we are most thankful and we always enjoy reading all of the things you are thankful for too. If you are new to our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, thanks for hopping in, we really do get excited when new blogger pals join us!

This might sound silly to some and not silly to others, but today we’re thankful for paper towels. Actually, I should probably say that we’re thankful we have some paper towels. I know you’ll find this hard to believe but sometimes we can be a bit messy, especially when the food doesn’t stay down and up it comes on the carpet. Paper towel are a necessity!

The Mom went to the senior shopping time at Costco and was able to get some paper towels, real paper towels. We had some but they were really, really cheap ones, so cheap they fell apart if you even showed them some water. They were sort of like the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz, “help me, I melting”!!! Now, at least if someone makes a mess the clean up might be easier.

So, what are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments and then join us for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop
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39 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: Please Pass the Paper Towels

  1. Summer

    I’m glad you got some REAL paper towels! We found some last week (big surprise, and my human took advantage), and are stocked up.

  2. Little Binky and Granny

    MOL MOL…we’re so glad you found finally toilet papurr, Brian and we’re so Thankful for making us MOL…😹😸Pawkisses for a Happy Thursday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🐾😽💞

  3. Cecilia Upchurch

    Oh Brian I hear you!! I currently have enough pt and napkins which obviously are quite versatile….
    my online order of tp was canceled by the store since they had NONE. We are ok for a ~week
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Sandee

    Hubby is going to Costco this morning and we hope to get some paper towels too. We’ll see. It’s been most interesting.

    Thank you for hosting the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your siblings and your peeps. ♥

  5. Purrseidon

    Meowser Brian dear furiend, good quality paper towels are very important. So is the health of our humans, so we’re doing our level best to do the right thing. Normally, we have family Sunday with all generations, but not right now… I’m also busy with homeschooling both my munchkins and doubling the size of my garden…. I hope this quarantine thing soon ends, now that there seem to be viable options to fight the Wuhan bug, but if not, hopefully, our garden will assist with a good supply.
    Thank you for hosting this blog hop, dear furiend! Keep yourself and your staff healthy and happy.

  6. Ellen Pilch

    I hear you on the paper towels, we go through a lot too. My hubby scored some Bounty at walmart on Monday. Thanks for hosting. Have a great day! XO

  7. Catscue

    Who would have thought that someday we would be so thankful for paper products and cleaning supplies! I’m glad you got some good paper towels, we’re making do with cheap ones right now. Stay strong and healthy!

  8. Teddy

    My Mom said even Senior Hour at the stores here hasn’t helped – most things are BARE no matter WHEN she goes to shop but she was lucky enough to get the next to last package of TP last week – she was so excited! Paper towels ARE important too we know – Mom uses them for all kinds of stuff. Today she’s on the hunt for Tylenol for my Dad. Seems that’s flying off the shelves too!

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. Raven

    We go through quite a few paper towels here too (for the same reason as you). But we also have a stack of bar wipe towels that we use to clean the floors after I …. um …. get them dirty. MOL! I’m glad you were able to find some quality paper towels to help keep your kingdom clean.

  10. Cathy Keisha

    I’m thankful for the people who don’t hoard paper towels, etc. We had a nice neighbor bring us a couple of rolls. She also brought us a package of those handi-wipes that you can wash and reuse. TW likes those for, er, accidents and spills. The other day she dropped a full bowl of my food on the floor. It landed right side up but splashed all over.

  11. Jan K

    It’s crazy the things we took for granted we’d have and now have come to appreciate that we have them! I often buy things by the case, and paper towels are one. So long before this all started, we were well stocked with that anyway (I’m still worried about t.p. though but hope this settles down before we run out!!!).

  12. K Bear

    We are thankful that you have those paper towels that you need! We are thankful that all of us are healthy and have all that we need. We are thankful for the sunny day, too! It makes us smile.

  13. The OP Pack

    That happens here too, Timber has a sensitive tummy. We are good on our supply of paper towels, but Mom would like to find some bread, milk, and yogurt.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  14. Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

    We used to make fun of Mommy because she always kept a month’s supply of toilet paper and paper towels at all times. We don’t think it is funny anymore.

  15. Anne Robinson

    Paper Towel is better if it is stronger. I know what you all mean. Glad you got the good stuff. It is necessary with those of us who can be messy at times! I love the Wicked Witch melting like that crummy paper towel. HaHaHa. Always love your photos here with such wonderful subjects to capture ! Stay healthy and safe.HUGS across the miles.

  16. Wylie Hudson

    Sorry, but we can’t be thankful here. No paper towels, no toilet paper, no Kleenex, no napkins—nothing—in our town. We ordered something from Amazon, and it will arrive from China early in May!

  17. lisa

    Hello! It looks like you are weathering the quarantine well. I saw a funny on a social media site that said: “We’re to stay indoors, clean ourselves often and practice social distancing….we’re all turning into housecats!” I LOLed at reading it. Cabo is thankful we’re home every day with him. Stay well and be safe. X

  18. Create With Joy

    We have been going through so many paper towels as of late – pretty soon we try the generic brands – hope we didn’t end up with your original brand!

    Have a happy weekend – stay safe – don’t unroll all of the paper towels kitties! 🙂

  19. caren

    wish we were there we would give you some paper towels! We ordered 40 microfiber cloths from QVC, they can be used for cleaning and can go right in the washing machine!!! That way we don’t need to be using as many paper towels 🙂

  20. Cathy Kennedy

    I’m thankful to have good paper products, as well. It goes to show, we should never take anything for granted. Sometimes we get thrown a curve ball waking us up and giving us more appreciation for these things. Continue to be well, my furriends!

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