A Super Fluff Tum Easy and Sunny Day Selfie with Dolly

easy dolly 11082020

You just never know where you’re going to find a good Easy. Actually, it’s probably where ever the sunpuddles happen to be at the time. On the fluffy tummy is just fine.

sunday selfie dolly 11082020

Actually the back of the couch is a prime time sunpuddle spot too and when it hits just right it hits just right. I hope you like my selfie and I’ll sure be looking for yours over at the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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42 thoughts on “A Super Fluff Tum Easy and Sunny Day Selfie with Dolly

  1. Madsnapper

    Dear dolly, if you are not already named Fluffy would be a good name also I would think mopsy would be a good name because when I see you laying up side down like that I thought you would make a great dust mop. I think your name is perfect as it is so and I’m so happy that you have your son cuddles delay in

  2. Mickeys Musings

    Dolly, mum loves that floofy tummy and would love to rub that belly!
    Do you like belly rubs as much as I do?
    Your selfie is lovely. You have such a pretty face <3

    Purrs, Julie

  3. Katie Isabella

    Oh YES! I love how the sunpuddles encourage me to open allllll of my fluffy feathers out to get allll of the sun power I can. IT feels so good.

  4. RO P

    Dolly’s tummy sure looks a lot better in the sun than mine(lol) So I say enjoy and enjoy on this Sper Sunday! Sending some hugs your way! RO

  5. The OP Pack

    Sister Dolly – that sure is some super fluff – bet it feels good to get a good tummy rub. Your selfie is beautiful. Hope you all have had a nice weekend.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

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