Sister Saturday Caturday Art with a Box Full of Seal

sister saturday seal 01 01162021

Boy, Sister Saturday sure seems to have rolled around quickly. It seems like I was just here visiting with you all and up pops my turn again. Even harder to believe is that we’re half way through January already. Before you know it Blooming Season will be here.

I do like these scratcher boxes, I really do, They might not look comfy but they really are and I usually hop right in, scratch, scratch, scratch, and then settle in for a nice rest. When you have asthma, sometimes rest is important. I do seem to be adjusting to my asthma meds but my appetite isn’t quite back to where it should be though. I’ll get there though.

Hey, since I’m still learning to deal with my asthma I haven’t felt that much like playing. Simon is pretty distraught with nobody to play with. Anyone want to come over and play with Simon,? He’d appreciate it, I know he would.

Okay, enough about all that stuff, it’s time for my art for the Caturday Art Blog Hop…

sister saturday seal 02 01162021

oday I used Lunapic with the Monet Art Effect set at 80%. Have a super fun Saturday everyone, Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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33 thoughts on “Sister Saturday Caturday Art with a Box Full of Seal

  1. Cleo

    Well, I could realistically come play with Simon as I believe we aren’t that far apart. Maybe I’ll get dad to let me borrow the car…

  2. MadSnapper

    Beau said he will be right there to play Simon, that is if canines are allowed. ha ha… tell your assistant editor she wins first place in using lunapic…

  3. Katie Isabella

    Seal, I’ll come right over to play with Simon, and I’ll bring treats. I am hoping and hoping that you feel all better right away. XXX to you.

  4. Zoolatry

    Hello Simon, if it’s a box you like, it’s yours to enjoy! By the way, June has no siblings and she’d love a play date, so tell Simon she’ll come down south as soon as it’s safe to fly again!

  5. A ShutterBug Explores

    Aww Seal ~ you are beautiful ~ glad meds are working for you ~ Simon misses you I am sure ~ be right over to play ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

    Moment by moment,

    A ShutterBut Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Eastside Cats

    It’s good to read that you are improving, Seal…hope that your appetite returns to 100%!
    Your artwork is gorgeous, but heck…you are adorable no matter what.

  7. Fraidy Cats!

    that is a neat scratcher box Seal. we will gladly send ditto and sharpie over to play with Simon 🙂 purrs you will feel better and back to your usual hi-jinks with Simon soon!

    minnie, hollie, TL

  8. Jan K

    We sure hope you continue to get better, Sister Seal, and maybe one day you’ll be back up to playing with your poor brother! ♥

  9. Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon & Barb

    Hi Seal! Getting used to medication is tough! But we do feel for Simon! Losing a play furrend (even for a little while) is tough! We gotta say you look terrific and your art – even terrificer! You (and your pawtrait) are BEAUTIFUL! We love it! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  10. Cathy Keisha

    You look lovely Seal. If the house is too dry, it’ll cause the asthma to flare up but your dad knows the drill from Gracie. I get an attack or two from the heat and dryness but then I do the most playing in the winter. I really suffer in summer. Will you still get window whiffies?

  11. Caren

    Roary is a HUGE fan of scratchers (Cody never was!), I may need to look into getting him this box, I think he would love it. Praying your asthma doesn’t give you too much difficulty sweetness xoxo

  12. messymimi

    There are so many things for which to be thankful, i am thankful to learn more about service cats here.

    1. messymimi

      Sorry, wrong comment! What i meant to say is i hope you get to where you can play with Simon again.

      This is what happens when i am working on two screens at once and my Sweetie is talking to me!

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