Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: The Mom and Dad Are Vaccinated Now

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Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am always thankful to each of you for joining us! Each and every Thursday we share the things for which we are most thankful and we always enjoy reading all of the things you are thankful for too. If you are new to our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, thanks for hopping in, we really do get excited when new blogger pals join us!

Today I’m thankful that our Mom and Dad have now had their two doses of the Covid vaccine. Hooray! The Mom had her second shot on Saturday and the Dad had his second shot on Monday. They did have somewhat of a challenge getting the shots because our State is so backwards.

It was really strange, the great big health system keep booking up and they allowed walk-in, so even if you had an appointment you may or may not get your shot. The Mom and Dad did finally get appointments there and they were scheduled for their first shot next week. Well, a pharmacy company joined in the vaccine bandwagon, they got their first shot a month ago and finished up their second shot before that first appointment even got here.

Anywho, we’re really thankful they both got the shots and hopefully they’ll be protected in the future. So, what are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments and then join us for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop
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55 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: The Mom and Dad Are Vaccinated Now

  1. meowmeowmans

    Hooray for your mom and dad, Brian! We are thankful they are all vaccinated now. We are supposed to be eligible in a few days. We are very excited. 🙂

  2. Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon & Barb

    Yippie! We are happy that your pawrents have gotten their shots! Things are getting better here in the Great White North and it looks like Mom will get hers in the next 4 weeks. We are glad that so many of our furrends have had their too! It makes us feel like the whole world will get through this and for that we are truly thankful! Have a marvellously happy day!

  3. Summer

    I’m glad your humans got their vaccines. I have to be honest, it is difficult in just about every state. It isn’t easy here in California either – there is way more demand than there are vaccines right now.

  4. Timmy Tomcat

    That really is something special and we are happy to say our Dad finally got his email to schedule his first shot. Our state is all mixed up too. Politics Ugh

  5. Angie

    I am thankful that our son landed a job, even though it is a temporary one! And grateful that so many people are getting the vaccine. We are hopeful to get ours soon!

  6. Natasha

    Dear Brian,

    So glad to hear Mommy and Daddy are done with their vaccination. Must be such a relief. I wish them well. Sorry I linked up my #WW post here. It’s been a while and I have missed you and your antics. Sending you pawsome hugs and paw kisses. <3

  7. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    That is good news that your mom and dad had their shots, Brian. We had our first 4 weeks ago, but they are not giving the second until 12 weeks later to get the first into as many people as possible. We will be fully protected in 8 weeks although they say the protection is 93% after 3 weeks.
    Once our age group was due for vaccination it was easy to go online and book the date, time and place we wanted it, and for the second shot too.

  8. Teddy

    Happy your Mom and Dad both have had their shots. Virginia’s system is a mess and we’re having trouble finding the vaccine for my Dad ANYWHERE. Mom has had one shot and the other will happen on Easter Sunday but Dad – no luck. Anyway, thanks for giving us a spot every Thursday to be THANKFUL!

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. Madison

    We are thankful our Gramma got both her shots last month so we don’t have to worry as much about her. Mom doesn’t really care when she gets hers and will wait until all the frenzy is over with. She got her shingles shots and that was more important to her. Nice the humans have to get shots since they always see to it that we get some!

  10. Derry and the biped

    That’s great news, Brian! We’re glad your humans are vaccinated now. Here in Ontario, Canada, the biped will have a bit of a wait yet for her age group, as they’re only doing 80+ at the moment, though some in the 60 – 64 age range were able to get the AstraZeneca vaccine via some pharmacies (pilot program in a few cities in the province, including ours). The biped hopes for the summer, or maybe the fall at the worst, but who knows?

    Take care and have a great day!

  11. Sandee

    I’m glad you both have gotten your vaccine shots. Breath easy now.

    Thank you for hosting the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to all the kitties. ♥

  12. Ellen Pilch

    Being vaccinated is definitely something to be thankful for. Thanks for hosting. Have a great day! XO

  13. Eastside Cats

    Brian, The Hubby and I scheduled our first vax shots for next week; his at 9:10 am, and mine at 9:20 am! He didn’t want to go without me, even though he’s been eligible for awhile, so when our health system pinged me with an official invitation yesterday, I jumped on it and scheduled us both in a New York minute! Yay!

  14. The Poupounette Gang

    We are thankful that #1 has had her first jab, with the second scheduled for April 9, thanks to Genji. So few people are vaccinated in France. We are also thankful that our friend Fernant is with us for a few days.

    Purrs and Woofs,
    Tama and Ollie

  15. Cecilia Upchurch

    Clapping wildly to read that your parents are vaccinated…what a relief it is too.
    Not that much changes still masks etc but peace of mind is worth a billion dollars
    Hugs Cecilia

  16. MadSnapper

    which shot did you get, let me know if you have side effects from the 2nd, i am dreading my second on april 2 because of others who had side effects from Moderna. so happy for all of you that mom and dad are now in the safe zone

  17. Pumpkinpuddy

    I’m thankful mom survived Covid and that she has such pawsome friends who took care of us while she was so sick. Mom gets her second shot on Saturday, so she won’t get it again!

  18. Jan K

    That’s great news your Mom and Dad are protected from that nasty virus now! Good job by them figuring out how to get it done more quickly!

  19. The OP Pack

    It is much the same craziness here for getting those vaccines. Mom and Dad were lucky to land theirs only because the hospital where Mom had her big arm surgery last year had her on their eligible list. They even let Dad in. Whatever it takes works for them:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  20. Ducky's Mom

    Yes, our state IS backward – in so many ways – but glad your Mom and Dad are both fully vaccinated now! Ducky’s Dad is fully vaccinated now, and I’m scheduled for my second shot next Wednesday. Strange, you’re the 2nd one who told me about the walk-in situation; yet when hubby got his 2nd shot a few weeks ago, they wouldn’t let me get my first shot as a walk-in…I had to wait for my appointment date the following Monday. Keep your paws crossed for me.

  21. Cathy Kennedy


    That’s good news! I hope they are now protected from that mean ole virus. Do you know if any Covid boosters are needed or is the 2-shot series it?

  22. Wylie Hudson

    Your situation seems to be as bad as ours here in Florida. After a lot of hassle, Mom and Dad finally got their first shot last week a few days apart and have a guaranteed appointment—they hope—for the second shot in early April. 

  23. Katie Isabella

    Mommy had an unusual side effect. Her eyes went out of focus and that’s how she went to bed. They got better the next day. She has to schedule the second shot but she is concerned about the eye thing.

  24. Gina

    Thank you for this fun hop, first time here for me, I found you by accident so didn’t grab the link but will in the future. Glad your mom n dad didn’t have any issues with the shot. We have 2 tabby kittens and love love love they are rescues hope you have a Purrrfect Friday

  25. Katie Isabella

    Mom will get up the nerve for the second shot in a few weeks. Have to wait till host after mid April. Glad you ter are protected. XO to all of you.

  26. Diane

    Yay for the vaccinations – One of us is 100% vaccinated and the other (me) will be all done on 4/2. Cautiously optimistic here.

  27. K Bear

    I am so thankful for your mom and dad being vaccinated. That is great! I am also thankful that my Dad is vaccinated. If you had told me a year ago that people would already be vaccinated now, I would not have believed it. Thank goodness for scientists!

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