Mancat Monday: Trying To Avoid Being Captcha’d with Brian


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Howdy everyone, it’s Mancat Monday again and we know how much everyone looks forward to Monday. If you’re retired like our Mom and Dad then Monday doesn’t bother you, all days seem the same. Maybe it’s similar if you’re working from home too, other that you gotta work, but you don’t have to fight the traffic.

Speaking of fighting, the Dad has been fighting with lots of Blogger blogs this past week. That darn Captcha thing keeps popping up. Not just the check the I am not a robot box, the match the stupid pictures box. Plus the match the stupid picture thing is worse too. Now, for example, we’ve been getting pick the Fire Hydrants. So, you click on one, it disappears, another picture takes its place, it might be a Fire Hydrant or something else. Click on the next Fire Hydrant and the same thing happens. Sometimes it’s twenty or more clicks before I can leave a comment.

Last time I mentioned this several of you said that if I’m logged into Google I can skip this, nope, we can’t, not if we want to comment. I want you to know that I read each of your blogs every time you post. But if it’s a Blogger blog we’re sometimes spending 5 to 7 minutes just trying to leave a comment. So, if you don’t see a comment from us, we’re not ignoring you, we’re reading, but we got tired of fighting with the Captcha monster. Weird that it mostly seems to happen on Monday or Tuesday and sometimes on Wednesday morning. Just to be clear, several have told me we’ve turned it off. It doesn’t matter, Google turns it on whether you have it off or not.

That’s it for now. Y’all have a terrific Mancat Monday, I will see you again on Thankful Thursday. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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46 thoughts on “Mancat Monday: Trying To Avoid Being Captcha’d with Brian

  1. angiesrecipes

    That darn Captcha drives me mad too. Click all bicycles…I did, then again and again…then all the truckers…wtf! Meow Brian :-)) Cats are angels when they are asleep.

  2. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    That Captcha is a pain! It seems to turn itself on randomly on some blogs and then off again. It seems to happen about once a week on some blogs for a few hours then goes again. I haven’t had the pictures yet though. I did get them somewhere else last week though. I can’t remember where but think it may have been a government website. As you said, the pictures kept changing every time I clicked on them and it drove me mad! If it wasn’t important I would have given up.

  3. Diane

    I hate that Captcha thing and am almost positive I have it turned off, I just moderate all comments before they post to avoid the annoying spam. Always something to annoy us and – I’m pretty sure retirees like us get annoyed much easier LOL I know I do.

  4. Darla M Sands

    Oh, I hate those kinds of spam blockers, too. They never gave me that much trouble though. Yikes. Oh, and we’re retired. It’s so nice. I used to wake up Sunday morning (!) with a sense of dread over the coming workweek. Happy Monday!

  5. Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat

    That happens to me sometimes too. Though I usually get them if I’ve visited and commented on more blogs than normal in one sitting. We shouldn’t have captcha on our blog – we don’t get nearly the spam comments others do – so there was no reason to enable it.

  6. Martha

    What a sweet sleeping baby! The same thing has been happening to me with the captcha, it’s been driving me crazy! I’ve been fighting through it, but sure not happy about it!

  7. Sandee

    I hear you on the Blogger blogs. I’ve had the same issues now and again. I spend to much time online as it is and with Blogger doing this I’m spending way to much time. I’m almost ready to throw in the towel on the days they do this to us. Glad I’m not alone.

    Awww, Brian knows how to do naps. We retired here too and we don’t miss all that traffic to and from work everyday.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.
    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

  8. The Creative Cat

    Same here! I feel bad not leaving comments, but I’ve been getting captcha’d too. Doesn’t matter what device I use either. But I stop by and read just about everyone!

  9. MadSnapper

    i hate that pick a picture thing, makes me crazy. i hate the captcha thing, but I do LOVE the captcha cat pic. LOVE it really. so sweet . i have not had the thing happen but twice in the last month. I can’t remember if it was on a blogger or wordpress and wonder what is up. will research this

  10. MadSnapper

    if you have had problems with mine, i turned off word verification. try it and see if that helped.

  11. Pam

    Hey babes….LIke Mom and Dad, I am retired, haha, that seems like a joke. I am semi retired I guess. I have not been to town on a Monday morn in over a year but that looks like it is about to change. I will start back a couple of days instead of the one, but by June maybe back to my four days. Working in photography and venue work with that! haha….I have not had any issues with blogging other then for the past couple of months I can’t get on yours by clicking on you from your comment like I normally do. I have to go to google and key that same info in and your blog comes up. Also, if I don’t make sure I close your blog it will not let me go to anyone elses. Strange….Love you sweet critters.

  12. Ellen Pilch

    Sorry you are having so much trouble. I have that problem once a week for 24 hours. I don’t know why.

  13. Teddy

    Gosh what a silly thing with Blogger and Google…….We occasionally – VERY occasionally – have to do the fire hydrant thing or the traffic light thing or whatever. Not all the time though. Strange the hoops people have to leap through on some blog platforms isn’t it???!!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  14. Summer

    At least you can post comments (if you want to work for it!). I had to change browsers completely for commenting because blogger just ate the comments and didn’t post them on the one we were using. I don’t think Google considers the Blogger format a priority.

  15. Caren

    I’m so sorry…….I have a Blogger blog and guess what? When I comment on other Blogger blogs the same thing happens to me!!! Ugh!!

  16. Grr, Midnight & Cocoa's Family

    You’re so cute – and those paws! Squeeee!
    We ran into some of those picture thingys, but haven’t seen one in a little while. It seems to be really random as to whether of not one appears and we don’t know why.

  17. Homestead Prowlers

    Yes, we have the same trouble! Sometimes we look at the pictures and hope we are finding the correct squares because there’s no note saying what we’re suppose to be looking for. Very confusing and time consuming!

  18. The OP Pack

    Well, that sure is annoying. We haven’t seen that yet, but we sure hope Blogger catches on and gets rid of it.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  19. Eastside Cats

    Gosh, that sounds very frustrating, Brian!
    Maybe a Google search…I know, I know…will help you find answers on fixing some stupid setting or something.

  20. Patricia

    Sweet picture of the napping fella. I haven’t had any captcha problems actually, no captcha stuff showing up. Hope it stays that way.

  21. foley monster and pocket

    I am sorry you are having problems with the evil weasels who run the Internet. There is no dealing with them. Sometimes you have to wait until they get tired a move on.

  22. messymimi

    Those captchas are a pain, if mine comes on, i am sorry and you can skip commenting if it gives you a pain.

    Love your pose today!

  23. Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon & Barb

    Big Sigh! Blogger is driving us nutso too! And it is not just Blogger…its their other products too! BTW, we have found the least intrusiveness is Firefox or Brave as the browser (Apple or Windows) with DuckDuckGo as the search preference. Brave is a really new one and I am likeing it a lot on the Apple equipment.
    Besides the Captcha problems, when we scrolled down, the Amazon ads were Life of Brian (the movie) and 3 decorative Fire Hydrants!
    Using Safari, Chrome or Google has been brutal. I don’t open them anymore.

  24. Cathy Keisha

    I hope my blog isn’t one of them even though I don’t post on Monday or Tuesday. If so, I’ll send feedback to Blogger axing for the 311 on why this is happening.

  25. The Oceanside Animals

    Chaplin: “Too bad Dennis isn’t around anymore, he would totally ace a CAPTCHA about fire hydrants.”
    Charlee: “He sure would! Hey do you know what CAPTCHA stands for?”
    Lulu: “What?”
    Charlee: “Completely Automated Program To Confound Harmless Animals.”
    Lulu: “…. Are you sure about that?”
    Charlee: “Of course. I’m a cat.”

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