Sister Saturday Caturday Art with the Mane Girl Seal

sister saturday seal 01 04242021

Hello everyone, it’s that time again and thank you or coming by to visit with on Sister Saturday. We’re thankful when you visit, really we are. Today for Sister Saturday, in addition to my Caturday Art, this is going to be sort of a show and tell thing.

So what am I showing before and after? Changes in my furs, yep, there’s been some strange ones. When I was diagnosed with asthma back in December I started on oral Prednisolone then transitioned to inhaled steroids. The inhaled stuff didn’t work for me so I went back on the Prednisolone.

My dark chocolate ears turned to a lighter shade. Then, I grew a long mane. Really I did. We belong to the Feline Asthma Group on Facebook and the peeps there said it’s not unusual for medications to make fur changes.

Here is my short mane from back in December of 2020, not that long ago…

Seal Short Mane December 2020
My short mane – December 2020

Here’s my long mane from a few days ago, April 17, 2021…

Seal Long Mane April 2021
My long mane from April 17, 2021

We think it is strange, even if it is supposed to be normal. Have ya’ll ever experiences anything like that???

Okay, enough about all that fur stuff, it’s time for my art for the Caturday Art Blog Hop…

sister saturday seal 02 04242021

Today I used PicMonkey, the Wildlife Texture with Normal Blend Mode, Saturation set at 60%, Fade set at 72%, and Size set at 108. I then went to Lunapic, used the Illusion Art Effect set at 20%. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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33 thoughts on “Sister Saturday Caturday Art with the Mane Girl Seal

  1. MadSnapper

    You have an amazing amount of art today. I like them all. and I have never had a cat so would not know about this, butt it looks pretty amazing that it is such a drastic change. I know prednisone changed my friends face from thin to bright, full and shiny red. it effects humans also. she said she gets energy from it, do you get energy and a mane?

  2. Caren

    That IS amazing, as well as beautiful! It’s better than losing fur, that’s for sure! When Cody was on pred he didn’t experience anything like that. I think Seal looks gorgeous!! Maybe it only happens with the genetic makeup of certain breeds?

  3. Leah

    Your longer mane is very beautiful, Seal, and your art today is also nice!
    I was curious and looked it up and evidently, steroids cause extra hair growth in humans, too.

  4. Grr, Midnight & Cocoa’s Family

    You’re stunningly beautiful! Midnight has a weird thing she does with her mane too (And Grr did to a lesser extent but not Cocoa). In the winter all the furs grow real long and she looks like a long haired cat with a big fluffy mane. She starts shedding in spring and by summer her mane is gone. It comes back again for the next winter. We live in Los Angeles so winter is more like a calendar thing so there isn’t a climate reason for this, but she’s been doing it all her life. Your mane is perfection.

  5. foley monster and pocket

    I heard rumors that steroids had the opposite hair-growing effect on humans.

  6. Ernie the Island Cat

    Seal, when I started taking prednisolone, my furs changed color too. My black furs were turning a little brown. But after time, and when my dose got reduced, my furs returned to their handsome black color. It’s weird what medications can do. But you still look beautiful.

  7. messymimi

    Steroids do odd things to us. When i get a bee or wasp sting, i have to take a steroid and it makes me angrier than a hornet and hungrier than a bear waking from hibernation.

    You do some beautiful artwork!

  8. Fraidy Cats!

    your mane is bee-you-tiful, Seal 🙂 I take prednisolone for my tummy problems. it’s been almost two years now that momma was able to cut back on my dose. before though, it made my thyroid work slower which made my fur look dull and poorly. now I have a much nicer coat and am shiny like sharpie 🙂 we all hope you are doing ok with your asthma. purrs,


  9. ATCAD

    Mom, who is the only one here who takes prednisone long term says her hair does weird stuff on the prednisone. Her hair used to be straight as a board and silky smooth, now it is coarse and curly and her hair used to be jet black and now it’s not. Some of it is probably due to age but Mom (and her hair dresser) thinks at least partially it is due to the medicine.She is going to try to go back to her natural color and see what it looks like now that she is on a lower dose. You are still gorgeous Seal.

  10. Darla M Sands

    I’ve been on steroid based asthma medications since the age of twelve (forty years ago!) and swear that my hair grows faster every year, and not in good ways or welcome places. ~sigh~ You look cool, sweet Seal. I hope you keep feeling better.

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