Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: The Food Supply Chain Is Much Improved

thankful thursday blog hop brian 06172021

Oops, some of you already saw this post. The Dad scheduled it to post in the morning instead of the evening. We’ll be having AM vs PM lessons for him later today.

Howdy gang, thanks for stopping by for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. I am always thankful to each of you for joining us! Each and every Thursday we share the things for which we are most thankful and we always enjoy reading all of the things you are thankful for too. If you are new to our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, thanks for hopping in, we really do get excited when new blogger pals join us!

Today I’m thankful for our food and I’m even more thankful that the food supply chain is much better now. We’re not having many problems finding our food. Oh, we do run into an occasional outage but it usually gets back in stock in a day or two. Having our favorite food makes us happy,

During the pandemic, and probably due to the shortages, we stopped eating some foods that we used to eat and switched more to some we only ate every once in a while. Weird isn’t it? Oh well, tastes change, so maybe some good came out of all those shortages.

We still have that one unanswered question, one I’ve asked several times before. Why, with the same brand and same flavor do we eat the grocery store or pet store cans better than we’ll eat the cans that come from when we order online. Inquiring minds want to know!

So what are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments and then join us for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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45 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday Blog Hop: The Food Supply Chain Is Much Improved

  1. messymimi

    Some manufacturers of some goods make different versions of the same product, one version for certain brick and mortar venues, another for the online venues. Maybe the cans you buy online look the same on the outside, but they are a bit different on the inside. That’s my guess.

    No matter the reason, i hope you continue to have plenty of what you like.

  2. Angie

    So glad you are happy with your food supply – you sure LOOK healthy and happy! And, just so you know, your people will need more and more of your help with simple tasks as they (ahem) get older!

  3. easyweimaraner

    that is a good question… a very good one… I often think, they change something and do not tell about and at the end you have 6 bags of food no one wants (not even our dad)

  4. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    I did see this post yesterday but kept it unread for today!
    I am glad you are able to get your favourite food again. I don’t know why some is different from the other even though the labels say it is identical. I used to get the same with the boys food sometimes even though it was all bought from the same supermarket.

  5. Cleo

    My mom got a little frustrated with the supply chain shortages over this past year, mostly because I’m supposed to have special diet foods. Thankfully, it’s not as bad these days. Oh, and me and dad love Seal’s pole dancing technique!

  6. Teddy

    That’s a great question about our food…….we HAVE to order my food online – it’s not in the grocery stores here…..still what’s in the can should be the same from the same manufacturer/brand – shouldn’t it? What’s up with that – we ALL want to know! Thanks for hosting the HOP!

    Hugs, Teddy

  7. Zoolatry

    I would totally starve if a food shortage happened, must have food! The ZH says I’m a foodaholic and even at age 1.3 am putting on the pounds! Consider this though: she is the one who puts it in my bowl!!!
    (watcha wanna bet that pesky turtle shows up again …)

  8. RO P

    At least the Dad is posting! (lol) Not much of that happening over in my neck of the woods, but I hope to get back to it soon. It’s so wonderful that the food for our babies is slowly getting restocked and ready. That’s another great sign that things are changing. I simply adore that picture, and hope everyone is doing well. Hugs, RO

  9. Katie Isabella

    Last time mommy was at Pet Supplies Plus, the same dismal empty shelves were there. Mom will go back and look again.

  10. CC kitty

    I overheard my Dad talkingto my Mom about this same question. He thinks that my kitten senses are so sensitive that I can tell when the chow tastes different because it spent a while in a hot trailer or truck, like the chow we buy Online. Now in the summer we notice how warmed through the chow is when we bring it inside after the delivery.

    Mom says maybe some things in the chow recipe are source differently at different times, and that doesn’t always appeal to the kitten senses.

  11. Timmy Tomcat

    That is a great thankful and we sure got deep into the problem around our house. Funny thing is we are right round on your question eating shipped cans before the ones from the grocery store. Lately that seems to have resolved but it is an odd phenom. Then again maybe we are just keeping our families guessing like cats do MOL

  12. Pam

    COVID messed with EVERYTHING. We never stop to think about where these products come from but now we do know what can happen if said places had to close down. Kind of scary that our lives depend on others to feed us, clothe us and so on. I am so glad about the food. Misty, Lily and Chey Bella are glad too.

  13. Sandee

    I’m glad you’re not having all those issues with your food anymore. It’s awful when our babies or us can’t find the things we love to eat. It was pretty awful the first few months. Much better now.

    Thank you for hosting the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

  14. Ellen Pilch

    I have been having an easier time getting cat food too. For a while, even Chewy didn’t have a lot of things my cats like. I don’t know the answer to that question. My cats eat anything from anywhere. 🙂 Thanks for hosting. Have a nice day. XO

  15. Eastside Cats

    Brian, there is nothing as impawtant as having your humans serve the foods that you want! Glad to know you and the others are not suffering under that supply chain failures any longer.

  16. Caren

    that’s an interesting question! Maybe it has to do with smells at the warehouse? Roary might have to have his food changed too, we can’t get it from any of the big box pet stores and our local pet store is out of it. If they don’t have it back in stock soon, Roary will be changing food as well!

  17. Martha

    We keep running into shortages too and have had the same issues with Nugget not liking the same kind ordered online. It’s very strange.

  18. Diane

    We are having a difficult time with getting something our previously, never picky duo will now eat. I think they change the formulas personally and, things they once liked they will no longer eat. We have some luck with certain Sheba cuts varieties Fancy Feast Cheddar Delights and Friskies Indoor Varieties. I’d be curious to know what the most popular foods are for your cats?

  19. Leah

    Glad you have your favorite foods again, Brian! I wonder if the grocery store and the online supplier have different batches of the same foods, and there may be slight variations between batches(?) Puzzling.

  20. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….bee cauz de canz that bee in de groceree stor iz soakin up de smell of donutz and pizza !!! ;)♥♥

  21. Create With Joy

    I’m so glad your favorite foods are back! Magellan has gotten quite finicky since Tsunami has been gone. Not even his favorites please him the way they used to!

  22. The OP Pack

    We saw the post yesterday and when we tried to get in, the site wouldn’t load for us. Glad we came back today. Mom says the food may be processed at different locations and maybe the tiniest of differences affects the flavor??? We don’t know. We almost always get ours online unless it isn’t available That reminds us – Mom, you need to check our order to see if it is coming – the kibble bin is getting low:)

    Happy Thursday.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  23. Maggie

    The cats’ least favorite food is always the kind that I have the most of…
    But we are thankful that we can run out to the grocery store and find many of our favorites on the shelves again.

  24. Kimberley Koz

    I too have wondered about the difference between grocery/pet store cans, and the cans that arrive via online shopping. The Wonderpurr Gang gives me fits when they either turn up their noses, or throw up their meals – always from the online stores. So, as we live here in Florida, I’m wondering if the cans sit in humid warehouses, and thus “cook” the food inside the cans, just enough for the cats to know its definitely “off.”

  25. Mickey's Musings

    Mum gets a variety of food for me as I like variety.
    I like something, then I don’t then I do again 😉
    Good that you can get your foods again.

    Purrs, Julie  

  26. foley monster and pocket

    There have been a lot of bare shelves in the pet food aisle in the past year. Hopefully that is over.

  27. Cathy Keisha

    Hmmmm, so true, Brian. Maybe the online places keep the warehouses too hot/cold and the flavor of the food changes? I read a piece where Smuckers took a hit on pet food sales and the article was wondering if people were finally buying better brands of food. I commenting maybe it just had to do with supermarkets having empty shelves. You can’t buy what they don’t have.

  28. The LLB Gang

    We find the food we buy online is sometimes a bit older than the food from the grocery store…maybe it has somethiung to do with that?? Regardless, we are so glad your food is more available now!!
    Sunny and the Gang

  29. Anne M Robinson

    Hello again everyone! SO nice to stop back here for a second visit. Hope you are all getting a restful night as I know you are probably already snoozing and dreaming sweet dreams. Have a good weekend. We pray we will see you tomorrow. HUGS to all-

  30. Little Binky and Granny

    That’s a good question, Brian, I think some are made in another Country/City or so, or maybe they put all the cans in a ice-storage so they’re not so warmed up as in a store. I think it doesn’t matter if it’s pm or am, the time is always right…well…in a way 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you😸🐾😽💞

  31. Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

    Happy Friday fluffies! Dudes here at BBHQ we get 3 varieties of wet and any deviation from that is a disaster, and at the moment one brand is out of stock everywhere – EEEEEEEK! Happy Friday and here’s wishing mew an epic weekend! XX

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