Mancat Monday: Labor Day In the USA

mancat monday brian 09062021

Hello everyone, not only is it Mancat Monday,  it’s Labor Day here in the United States, one of those very strange human holidays where there are lots of peeps celebrating labor by not laboring. It’s really quite appropriate and you can count us in on the no laboring thing. It’s sort of carrying Easy Like Sunday over another day! Sounds like a plan doesn’t it?

Have fun and remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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2 years ago

it’s a super day today… you have another sunday and da moanday is skipped… happy labor day…

2 years ago

Happy labor day, Brian and the whole gang!

2 years ago

No laboring allowed today!

Hugs, Teddy

2 years ago

Have a wonderfully relaxing Labor Day!

2 years ago

I have often wondered why it was not called NO labor day…

2 years ago

Put your kitty paws up and do a lot of cat napping today! Don’t work too hard.

Katie Isabella
2 years ago

Mom said she has been on a merry-go-round for a month and it’s so nice NOT to have to do that just now. So Happy Labor Day to her as well as the rest of us.

2 years ago

Happy Labor Day, don’t forget to take an extra snooze today.

The Florida Furkids
2 years ago

We’re all for not laboring!!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn

Happy Labor Day to all of you!

2 years ago

I’m with you on not laboring today. I don’t like to labor any day. I’m cat like where that is concerned.
Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.
Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

2 years ago

A very happy Labour day to you over ther best wishes from London :-)

Have aa labourtastic day 👍

Charles Huss
2 years ago

That makes me wonder. Shouldn’t you labor on Labor Day?

Cecilia Upchurch
2 years ago

Hello Brian and family…
May your day be filled with lots of fun, food, family and friends
Hugs Cecilia

A ShutterBug Explores
2 years ago

Great kitty photo and Happy Labor Day to all ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Athena and Marie
2 years ago

Happy Labor Day!

Catscue Catmom
2 years ago

What a beautiful tribute to Labor Day today Brian, you’re looking handsome. I like the idea of celebrating Labor Day by not laboring, I never thought of it that way, but that’s what we all do. Peeps can be weird, can’t we?

Cathy Keisha
2 years ago

Happy No Labor Day! 7 million people are celebrating by losing their pandemic unemployment today, including my Pop.

2 years ago

Yes humans are odd… Hope you are feeling well, Brian!

Lucy and Xena
2 years ago

That’s a beautiful banner with you in it. Everyone here is staying home from work, but that seems to be the norm on Mondays anyhow! XOX Xena and Lucy

2 years ago

Happy Labor Day to all kitties and humans! Celebrating by not laboring totally works for me!

Regine Karpel
Regine Karpel
2 years ago

Have a very relaxing day my friend.

2 years ago

Tis a very good plan and all at Brian’s Home should adhere to it …

Cathy Kennedy
2 years ago


It’s actually quite ingenious this holiday that celebrates no laboring on Labor Day. :D It had to be invented by a cat, wouldn’t you agree? lol

Mary Kirkland
2 years ago

Happy Labor Day.

2 years ago

I would of went to work, if I didn’t have crud.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Melissa & Mudpie
2 years ago

It really is the perfect cat holiday!

Ellen Pilch
2 years ago

Hope you had a relaxing day. XO

2 years ago

Have a good one :-D

Marv and Mom
2 years ago

Brian! You are totally correct! We watched Mom labor today, she made canned peaches, canned pears, peach jam and peach chutney, we really enjoyed laying in the sun! Happy Labor Day guys!

Ernie the Island Cat
2 years ago

I like not laboring! Happy No Labor Day!

Guido the Italian Kitty

Catzowey! Me and Myself are laboring away at consuming creamy non diet super creamy luscious non diet Catpuccinos up here at the Heavenly Catpuccino Cloud Cafe!

2 years ago

To quote Garfield the Cat, “Labor Day, schmabor day! What a dumb day. You hire some jerk, then send him away, to celebrate work, by playing all day.”

Of course, i like Labor Day, and i labored!

The LLB Gang
2 years ago

Hope you and your family had a pawsome Labor Day!!
Rosy and the Gang

foley monster and pocket
foley monster and pocket
2 years ago

Labor Day is a great day to catch up on sleep before the big holiday naps.

Meezer'sMews&Terrieristical Woofs

Ah…We were chillaxing, but petcretary had to work…she really did labor…so now she’s not laboring for the next two days, except the lawn needs a lot of labor to make it less shaggy…that could be 6 hours if she does it all…

2 years ago

I will say, I did take the day off today, although my human didn’t!

Kathe W.
2 years ago

Labor Day is for the workers to relax and enjoy!

2 years ago

Hoping you had a peaceful and uneventful Labor Day!

Eastside Cats
2 years ago

After all, Brian…work is a four-letter word!

Darla M Sands
2 years ago


Anne M Robinson
2 years ago

What a nice celebration you shared. I noticed my backyard flag is torn. SO I bought a new one and will take the old to the flag drop off at the open spaces so I may have them properly take care of it. But than I noticed my front yard flag pole has a broken eagles wing. It is always something but I will replace that too. Thanks for sharing your thouhts.