Tabby Tuesday Railing with Simon

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Hello friends, thanks for coming by on Tabby Tuesday, I sure appreciate it.  I’m back up here on the stairs and yes, my head is through the railing again.  Not to worry, the space is bigger than it looks and I never get my head stuck.

You saw Brian up here yesterday looking out the window so it’s my turn today.  What am I looking for?  I’m looking for Mom and Dad.  Yes, the Mom and Dad are out n’ about so I’m on duty looking for them when they come home.  They sure left outta here early.

I do know one thing.  If I don’t see them coming soon I’m probably going to have to go take a nap.  My eyes  are getting a bit tired and so is the rest of me.  I’m sure one of the others will let me know when the come home.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tabby Tuesday.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later! 

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1 year ago

yes, to tak a nap is always good while waiting ;O)

Memories of Eric and Flynn

You go and take your nap, Simon. I am sure you will know soon enough when they get back.

1 year ago

LOL Love your photo Simon very bold 😉

I think you should take your nap you will still hear then then you can pretend you wasn’t napping 👍

Have a naptastic day

1 year ago

Just be careful not to fall anap with your head through the rails like that!

1 year ago

Napping passes the time quite nicely……and I’m SURE you have the best lookout spot in the whole house waiting for Mom and Dad to return!

Hugs, Teddy

1 year ago

What did you just see, Simon?? The face expression is just precious.

1 year ago

What a great shot of your adorable face 🙂

1 year ago

Naps are always a good thing, Simon.

Granny Annie
1 year ago

It always seems like a long time waiting from mom and dad.

Sandra Hangey
Sandra Hangey
1 year ago

At least you have someone to tell you Simon what is going on if anything happens both lived alone and when we leave there’s nobody to tell him anything and we often wonder just what he does while we’re gone and the only way to find out would be purchase a cam

The Poupounette Gang

We like the photo, Brian. We are pretty sure that, even if you take a nap, you won’t miss your Mom and Dad’s return.

Tama and Benny

1 year ago

Such a dedicated “watch cat.” and, who said that was a job for dogs?

Cecilia Upchurch
1 year ago

Simon sentry duty is hard work. I just hope and purr the peeps are home in time for supper. It is hard to nap when your tummy is growling ‘feed me’!
Hugs cecilia

Veronica Lee
1 year ago

Love the shot of your most ADORABLE face, Simon.

Happy Tuesday!

1 year ago

Such a cute watchful face, Simon! A nap sounds like a good idea!

Meezer'sMews&Terrieristical Woofs

Just don’t take your nap up there, Simon, you might actually get yourself stuck!

The LLB Gang
1 year ago

You are the purrfect kitty to make sure you let everyone know when your pawrents return!
Enjoy your rail time!
Arty & the Gang

1 year ago

You’re a great guard kitty, Simon. You’ll no doubt have a nap before the peeps get home.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.
Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around a my best to your wonderful peeps. ♥

1 year ago

Simon we sure hope they didn’t make you wait long for their return!!!

The Florida Furkids
1 year ago

We’re pretty sure all your floof makes it look like you don’t fit!

The OP Pack
The OP Pack
1 year ago

We like to do some railing on the deck. And we too are lucky we can get our big heads out after we are done railing. Hope the peeps got home on time for dinner:)

Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Mary Kirkland
1 year ago

Just love those pretty eyes.

Melissa & Mudpie
1 year ago

Hope you didn’t have to wait much longer!

1 year ago

Naps solve problems.

1 year ago

Napping always makes the time go quicker, Simon. Mom and Dad will be back before you know it!

We are glad your head did not get stuck!

A ShutterBug Explores

Gorgeous and sweet photo of you Simon ~ Mom and Dad will be home soon ~ I bet ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

1 year ago

Happy Tabby Tuesday, Simon! I bet the humans are glad that you are there waiting for them.

Anne M Robinson
1 year ago

SImon, I hope you got a nap. A nice leisure nap with sweet dreams of a nice fish filet or a tuna steak. You sure are a snappy feline my friend. Take care and keep watching your home. HUGS MEOWS from Daphne and Mister Kitty and LOVE to all of you.

1 year ago

Take a nap, and remember you’ll hear the door close when they come in, that’s all the warning you need!

Ernie the Island Cat

That stairway is a popular place to hang out, I see.

Ellen Pilch
1 year ago

Glad your head can’t get stuck. 🙂

foley monster and pocket
foley monster and pocket
1 year ago

I finding napping when my parents are out is the best course of action. It cuts down on stress.

1 year ago

ADORABLE….totally beautiful babe.

Cathy Keisha
1 year ago

Napping is a good way to kill time when the peeps are out.

Katie Isabella
1 year ago

Did you make it Simon? Before the nap?

Darla M Sands
1 year ago

You look ready for your close-up, for sure. 🙂

Kathe W.
1 year ago

awww hope you had a good snooze!

Eastside Cats
1 year ago

Simon, you are so photogenic!
It’s always okay to nap a bit when on duty, when you are a cat.