A Fully Comfy Easy and Green Bench Selfie with Simon

easy simon 01232022

It’s Easy time! Let me tell you, when I get my Easy Comfy going on I take it seriously and I can do a Easy Comfy like a real pro.

sunday selfie simon 01232022

Of course, it’s also selfie day, so when I was on the Green Bench earlier I went ahead and did my selfie.  You know I’ll be hunting up yours over at The Sunday Selfie Blog Hop later on. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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46 thoughts on “A Fully Comfy Easy and Green Bench Selfie with Simon

  1. M a d snapper

    if i did a comfy with my head in that position, it would be my last comfy and the death of me. you look so comfy and yet it looks like it would hurt the neck

  2. Diane

    Tell mom and dad to never get rid of the green bench – it’s so popular or, maybe it’s in a sunpuddle spot!

  3. Pamela Jackson

    What a BEAUTIFUL selfie you take. And like you, when I do the easy, which seems to be all the time, I do it pretty well also. They pic of you doing the selfie tells me you know you are safe while sleeping…..

  4. Citu

    Adore la primera foto, es dificil sacar así a mis perritas. La otra fotografía tambien es bella. Simón es muy guapo. Te mando un beso

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