Mancat Monday: One, Two, Three

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Hello everyone, I do hope you are having a darn good Monday and I hope your week is mighty fine too.  Ours is going to be pretty busy, but I’m not too sure that it’s going to be a good one.  We hope it is so if you can sends some purrs, those would be appreciated too.

So what’s happening?  One, Seal is off to visit her new Vet this morning.  You might recall that Seal and Simon, being formerly feral, aren’t that fond of car rides.  While she likes our Vet way across town, we’ve been trying to find a good Vet close for her.  You might also recall that Seal went to the Vet in February, had blood work and a urinalysis done and the Vet never ever got back to us with any results so the Dad fired her.

Two, speaking of the Dad, he’s having some problems with his heart so on Wednesday has has to go see a Vascular Surgeon. Yep, the Dad is pretty darn nervous about it, but we’ve all been trying to give him plenty of purrs to help him calm down.  It works sometimes but he’s still pretty nervous.

Three, Sunday will be May 1st, do you believe that?!?!  Goodness, we’ll be back to fussing about the Winter cold before you know it.  Okay, that’s it for now.  Y’all have a fun day, catch ya later. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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49 thoughts on “Mancat Monday: One, Two, Three

  1. easyweimaraner

    we wish your seal and your daddy good news from their appointments… all paws are crossed… and we love the furst mayday… the day of work with being lazy LOL

  2. Tom Fish

    You folks sure have a lot going on this week that require prayers. We’ll be thinking of you,
    purring for Seal and a good experience with the new vet. Fingers crossed and prayers for
    all that’s happening and best wishes for your dad and his appointment, too. xx

  3. stevebethere

    My best wishes to you Seal with your new vet and to your dad with his vascular appointment hope all goes well 👍

    That’s a nice photo too

    Have a busytastic Monday 👍

  4. Teddy

    We will surely say a little prayer for good appointments for Dad and for Seal too. Maybe your Dad just needs a med adjustment? Hope it’s an easy fix……….and Seal – hopefully the new vet is on top of things and will do a great exam and find that you are healthy as a horse (well…maybe not a horse!).

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. Madison

    We still have the winter cold. No spring here yet which is not so good. We have our paws crossed things go well for your dad and his heart. We know he has a big heart for sure, and we want it to be a healthy one for sure.

  6. Eastside Cats Blog

    We suggest that your dad lay down on the couch, and all of you kitties climb on him and PURR!
    He’ll feel better, and you all will too.
    I’ve fired a few vets too, and no doubt will have to again, but there is a residual anger that follows, right?
    Hope Seal’s visit goes well, and of course we want your dad’s heart to be healthy too.

  7. MadSnapper

    Prayers and hugs for the vet visit and the vascular visit to go well. Bob’s heart problems started in 2002 and here we are 20 years later, and he is still going strong. He went the stints, open heart surgery, vascular carodid surgery, stroke and 3 melanoma surgeries and still painted the entire house in less than 10 days. telling you this to let you know the doctors can do wonders and we pray yours will be something simple… hugs

  8. Sandee

    Prayers for your dad. Lots of them. I would be nervous too, but you will take care of dad. I know that.

    I hope Seal has a okay car ride and that you get blood work results this time. Shame on them for not getting back to you. I’d have fired them too.

    Have a purrfect day and week. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

  9. Wendy & Dani

    I hope that you, Terry, and Seal both come away from your doctors’ visits feeling much relieved and with a course of action for the long term. Dani and I will be thinking of you both and purring as hard as we can for a pawsitive outcome.

    Good for you for firing that vet! What did they think you were paying them for?

    Dani is supurr anxious in the car, and at the vet, too. She actually drools and foams at the mouth. Last time the vet prescribed her something to calm her down beforehand, but then we couldn’t get it down her. If your babies like catnip, maybe you could try that before getting in the car.

    And wouldn’t it be nice if catnip worked on people too? There’s nothing much worse than negative anticipation. Lotsa hugs, Wendy and Dani

  10. 6 Fur Angels' Mom

    Oh my goodness! I do hope all goes well for both Seal and your Dad this week, Brian!! You will all be in my prayers!

    As to Seal’s former vet…good for your Dad for having fired her!! I would also report her to the AVMA and the AAHA, but not before your Dad’s heart issue is resolved.

  11. Patricia

    Hope Seal’s new vet is a keeper and that the car ride is short and not too scary. Thinking good thoughts for your Dad’s appointment. Oh, and great picture of you, Brian. That blanket looks pretty good, too!

  12. Service Cats U.S.

    Oh Brian, we’re sorry to hear uncle Terry be nervous and having problems. We’re sending lots of hugs and purrayers that all will be okay. And, we purray that Seal does well and the new V-E-T is better. We fur sure know how hard the search fur a good one can be. Alas, we don’t think they exist in our area. Hugs fur all.

    Luvs ya’

    RaenaBelle and Zebby

  13. Cecilia Cofield Upchurch

    Oh no I’m so sorry Dad is having trouble with his heart. I hope and purr the doc will have a good solution for Dad….do keep us posted.
    Even with our vet 5 min from home depending on one stop light…Madi still sang the song of her people in first soprano all the way there. I’m glad Dad fired that vet that was too far away and not very good at communicating.
    Hugs cecilia

  14. Marvelous Marv

    Goodness! This is week where we will be purraying for the family! Loads of Purrayers are coming your way for Seal (and her road trip) BTW Kozmo sings for the whole 1 hour drive both ways when he goes and he LIKES the vet). And Purrayers for your Dad! Sending you strength!
    Purrs Marv and Gang (and the Mom)

  15. databbiesotrouttowne

    st francis blessings two ewe seal and dad two; yez R heer roe watchez over peepulz all sew when we ask. ♥♥♥
    tell yur dad knot ta bee scared even tho we noe he iz cauz it makes for a crazee…him noez oh what we speek
    heerz hopin ewe both get grade A ree portz ♥♥♥

  16. Mary Kirkland

    I do hope everything comes back alright for dad. I have an arrhythmia and it was nerve wracking waiting for all the test results. I hope the new vet is a good one.

  17. Mary McNeil

    We send purrayers and purrs and POTP to your Dad & Seal…and the rest of your family, because you allmust be sort of worried too. Hope the week goes better than you fear it will.

  18. Angel Simba

    Lots of caring thoughts coming your way, Seal and Terry and family. Maybe “vascular surgeon” means a new valve that can be done through an arm artery. No open chest or heart. The doctors can work wonders nowadays. Purrs for tge worries to be calmed.

  19. Robin Mudge

    Sending lots of prayers and purrs to the Dad and Seal. A vascular surgeon would be a scary person to have to see. Perhaps things will turn out better than they seem. Big hugs to all of you!

  20. Kitties Blue

    Wow, Brian, we hope everything works out okay with both Seal and Dad Terry. We are sending POTP and purrs, and mom will keep them in her prayers. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

  21. Cathy Kennedy


    There’s a whole lot going on at your house with the Dad and Seal’s health issues. I hope Dad is much calmer now and feels much more reassured after seeing his surgeon. We’ll be keeping him in prayer. Any mews when his surgery is scheduled? I’ve been an awful furriend this month as you know with little to no extra visits as hoped. I left a bit of an explanation in comments on y’alls Wednesday post. Thanks for stopping by my place on and off this month. The support and encouragement has meant a lot with all the wackiness going on here. I’ll be happy to see April go as long as the problems we’ve had don’t continue that is!

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