My Non-Sliding Easy and My Did You Hear That Selfie with Brian

I thought non-sliding was an appropriate title for my Easy today.  It does look like I’m gonna slide right down but it’s actually pretty secure right here.

I had just gotten up on the big ottoman to take my selfie and a big old school bus drove by.  Can you tell I heard something out there?.  I’ll be looking for your selfie over at The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop after while.  

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!


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34 thoughts on “My Non-Sliding Easy and My Did You Hear That Selfie with Brian

  1. Teddy

    My Mom loves it when I get “big eyes” after hearing something outside or even in the house. Tee Hee. I think you look totally comfy up on the top of the sofa – we know when we’re safely arranged on furniture right Brian? No matter how dangerous it may look we’re UNDER CONTROL. Happy Sunday!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Fr. Tom Fish

    Hey, this is funny, Brian! I was in the exact same position sleeping on my couch yesterday! The housekeeper took a photo and will probably post it next year or some such..hehe
    Happy Sunday and have a good week!

  3. MadSnapper

    when Beau hears things like that his ears go up and fold down and his head cocks to the side and makes us laugh. I am thinking your purrentz laugh too.. I don’t know how you sleep like that, it looks like a cat slide is about to happen any moment.

  4. Cecilia Cofield Upchurch

    Oh Brian…I do so love that first photo. Just precious and captures so much to make me happy. There is nothing more peaceful that a kitty in full sleep mode. Recently I was sitting on the back porch reading when the 4 pm school bus
    squeal past my house, so I do know what you heard.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. meowmeowmans

    Wow, it looks like you might need some velcro to stay like that, Brian! But if you say it’s secure, we believe ya! 🙂

    Those buses do make quite the ruckus, don’t they?

  6. Leah

    It’s good there is no sliding Brian, as sliding would certainly disrupt a good nap! You definitely look like you know something’s out there in the second picture!

  7. messymimi

    You are secure, all right. Even a slide would end with you on a cushion!

    What an alert fellow you are, although i hope you know by now the school bus doesn’t stop anywhere that you would have to worry about it.

  8. Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

    I bet when you look at your parents with those eyes you can get anything you want.

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