Mancat Monday: The Cat’s Outta the Bag

mancat monday brian 07252022

Hello gang, how was your weekend? It’s still been stoopid hot here in the South with no end in sight. At least we’ve been lucky with not having any bad storms or anything like that. Plus, hurricane season has been unusually quiet. but we’ll take it.

As you can see, the highlight of the weekend is that the Mom brought us a paper bag. We’ve not had one of those in a long time. As you can tell, I like to lay on the bag, not in the bag. You’ll probably see more of this bag later in the week since Seal really liked laying in it and Simon was checking it out too. Well, Simon was actually trying to figure out what she was doing in that thing.

Okay, that’s enough bag time for now, have a fun day Monday and a terrific week, I hope to see ya soon. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Memories of Eric and Flynn

That is a nice bag, Brian. Eric used to lay on top too but that was because he didn’t fit in very well!

1 year ago

I like bags too. They are nice to lie on and keep cool!

1 year ago

that’s a good motto to start in a new week ;O)

1 year ago

Bags are usually quite comfy and it looks like you scored a good one!!

Hugs, Teddy

1 year ago

Bags and cartons are always fun :-)

1 year ago

I bet bags are fun with all of the crunchy noises they make!

1 year ago

Just take care as we’re sure the bag is recyclable and yet we’re equally sure you are NOT!

1 year ago

Our kitties liked to play in bags when they were younger we have heard. Enjoy the bag while it lasts.

Charles Huss
1 year ago

I wish humans were that easy to buy for.

The Poupounette Gang

How fun to have a new bag! We love paper bags too!

Have a great week!

The Chans

1 year ago

Looks like an excellent paper bag Brian, have fun with it!

1 year ago

you make a fine Bag Cat, kind of like a Bag Lady but not, since you have a nice home with the bag inside it. I must say I like the green stripes. Can’t wait to see Simon and Seal with the new bag. tell mom next time by 3 things and ask for them to be bagged separately. or make three trips to get 3 bags.

Eastside Cats Blog
1 year ago

Da Boyz are paper bag inspectors here, Brian, and let’s not forget plastic bag licking too.

Zen's Mama
1 year ago

That looks like a bag from our favorite grocery store, The Fresh Market! Zen would probably prefer to tear it apart with his razor sharp, furry alligator teeth!

1 year ago

What a nice present and I bet your making the most of it heheh!

Now your outta the bag have a bagtastic Monday :-)

Millie & Walter
1 year ago

You kitties are kind of funny with your love for bags and boxes. We’re too big for either of those things.

1 year ago

Paper bags are cool!! You look great on your bag! Mom and dads just seem to know what the cats like best!

A ShutterBug Explores

Simple pleasures for the kitties ~ if only I could find the simple pleasure today ~

Looking to the moment and finding the good,Xo

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren

now that’s a bag of groceries I would love!

1 year ago

A good box and a good bag is a great thing to have. You’re so handsome, Brian.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

Lucy and Xena
1 year ago

We don’t get what it is about cats and bags. Now balls, yep, we get that! XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

The Oceanside Animals

Chaplin: “In the bag, on the bag … As long as it’s making crinkly paper noises, it’s all good, am I right?”

Cecilia Cofield Upchurch

Oh Brian Bags R U for sure. Madi loved them too.
I love your photo brought back happy memories of my Diva
Hugs Cecilia

Ellen J Pilch
1 year ago

Very cute shot of you. :)

1 year ago

Your Mom bagged it big this time. All three of you kitties are fascinated by it. I assume she usually uses recyclable bags, so just be sure to let her know when you’re inside the paper one, that you don’t want to be recycled, too.

Recycling can be very exhausting because you have to cycle and then cycle again. So naps are a logical result.

Adventures of the LLB Gang

We dogs also like a good paper bag lie down…or rip apart MOL!

1 year ago

The cats here like bags but don’t often see one since I take tote bags when I shop.

Marvelous Marv
1 year ago

Oh Boy! We love paper bags too! They are a hoot. Once in a while Mom brings home a Paper Bag from KFC and we all have a turn with it! I, Marv am a layer on Bags too. Jo Jo and Kozmo are more inside the bag, especially when Mom puts Cat nip in it! Can’t wait to see you guys at my birthday tomorrow. Purrs Marv

Melissa & Mudpie
1 year ago

Angel Tara loved making a bed on top of bags too!

The Island Cats
1 year ago

What a purrfect bag, Brian! Definitely can be used different ways. :)

Lone Star Cats
1 year ago

Enjoy your bag!

Cathy Keisha
1 year ago

I bagged you, Brian! Heh heh! Now I can’t wait to bag Simon and Seal. I always loved paper bags except the one I got tangled in cos TW thought it was out of my reach so she didn’t cut the handles. My state banned plastic and paper bags altho TW has some squirreled away.

Erin the cat
1 year ago

You mom has definitely go an eye for a nicely patterned bag! Plus it looks rather cool. Clearly this seasons Must-have accessory! Hopefully all tha bad weather steers away from your place, too!

Angel Binky and Granny

Have fun in, up, next to your bag, Brian, Little Binky always ran away when she heard the sound of a bag😸Pawkisses from Heaven🐾😽💞

1 year ago

I’m not big on bags, but my human wishes I was! I’m not convinced they’re that much fun.


Bags are as much fun or more even than boxes for kitties…at least here they were!

1 year ago

Hey Brian…have you ever tried a plastic bag? My Ollie did once…an even that was quite entertaining to say the least! Where are you btw? Hurricane Season has been quiet & after the two major ones we were hit by 2 summers ago…I’m completely fine with it being quiet (as are all the furbies that share the home). Have a great week!

Kathe W.
1 year ago

Oh boy- a new paper bag! Have fun!

1 year ago

Bags are great! Ms. G’s cats love them, Buddy comes running when she says, “Da burd is here!” and he stalks it like a bird and eventually rips it up.

Darla M Sands
1 year ago

You look good on stripes. Heh… Best wishes!

Cathy Kennedy
1 year ago

Brian, It’s hard to find paper bags. I hated when grocery stores changed over to plastic bags. I requested paper every time but eventually they did away with them. Oddly there is a grocery store in town that still uses them I discovered when getting an online order at Publix. Sometimes the person who shops for me will bring my groceries in paper. The paper bags aren’t like they used to be and know that I’m used to carrying bags with handles, it’s difficult to get a good grip on paper bags. I do remember our kitty loved to sit… Read more »