My Ham-mick Easy and My Whiskery Selfie with Brian

easy brian 07032022

I really do love my Ham-mick and I’m sort of glad that nobody else uses it.  That way it’s always available when I’m ready for a nice comfy Easy.

sunday selfie brian 07032022

Today, for my selfie, I thought I’d show off my whiskers a bit.  Taking selfies is fun and we all look forward to having our turn. I hope you like it. I will be hunting for your selfie over at The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop after a bit.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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33 thoughts on “My Ham-mick Easy and My Whiskery Selfie with Brian

  1. Teddy

    Nice you don’t have to fight for rights to the hammick Brian! Enjoy it without being asked to leave!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Precious

    It looks like a lovely place that you can call your very own. You don’t always have to share everything, do you. Great looking whiskers, and talking of whiskers whenever I find one here of dark gray I save it.

  3. Marvelous Marv

    You look super comfy in you hammick. We really think we should have one around here. I’ve told our Mom! And Brian, your whiskers are fabulous! Jo Jo says you look like a distinguished gentleman! We hope you and your Peeps have a marvellously happy long weekend! Keep being awesome! purrs Marv

  4. Wendy

    I guess you’ve broken that hammock in so it’s just right for you. And your scent is all over it, so the other’s know that it’s yours. And your whiskers are glorious, Brian. They are where they be long.

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