Tabby Tuesday: So Much for a Quiet Weekend

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Howdy, gang, how was your weekend? Ours was okay, but it was a bit noisy and it involved a lot of under the recliner time for yours truly. Yes, I’m a bit of a scardey cat, but sometimes the Dad does call me a weenie. Hey, I can’t help it, unusual things make me sound the retreat, not to be confused with treat time.

The neighbor came over and of course I was outta here right away, but so was Seal. She sure is noisy, the neighbor lady, not Seal. You just never know when she’s going to show up. Then it seemed like everyone in the neighborhood decided to mow their laws. Even though the Dad told me not to worry, it wasn’t here, I decided not to risk it. Then one of the neighbors had somebody power washing their house, let me tell you, that was really noisy for a good while. Maybe the week will actually be quieter than the weekend was. So, how was your weekend?

Y’all have a fun Tabby Tuesday and and I’ll be seeing you soon! Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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1 year ago

that is a crazy thing with the lawn mowers .. one neighbor starts and within some minutes the whole hood makes noises like a bee hive…

Memories of Eric and Flynn

That was a lot going on over the weekend! We only have one fairly close neighbour, but as soon as our lawn mower comes out you can guarantee you will hear his within the next 10 minutes!

The Poupounette Gang

It’s good to be cautious, Simon, but perhaps you are sometimes a little over-cautious?

The Chans

1 year ago

I’m with you Simon – some days it’s just too darn noisy. Yesterday my Dad did trimming up close to the house and that just about drove me crazy – then we heard more noise from chippers whacking up tree debris which apparently some people STILL have from our storm a couple of weeks ago….noisy, noisy!! My basement however is QUIET. Thank heavens I have a spot to go that’s NOISE-FREE!!!

Hugs, Teddy

1 year ago

Let’s just hope your neighborhood is quiet for the rest of the week. Precious hides under the bed when we get our grass mowed. And then when she hears the neighbors fire up, she gets nervous but she seems to know the difference.

1 year ago

What a bummer you are so scared of everything. There is always someone making noise in our neighborhood, building, cleaning, mowing, but none of us mind at all. Get some rest!

1 year ago

Sorry things were noisy and scared you, Simon! Extra noise will make some of our kitties hide, too.

1 year ago

Noises can be scary! Good thing you have a place to hide until all calms down.

1 year ago

Simon, we get what you are saying! from power washing to lawn mowing, and in the past 6 months at least 8 of our neighbors have gotten new roofs and wow is that loud. we are not looking forward to our roof noise either. we also get cars driving buy with BOOOOOMMMING music rattling the windows

Derry and the biped
Derry and the biped
1 year ago

Derry would be hiding too! We hope this coming weekend is much quieter for you, Simon.

1 year ago

I understand about scary noises, Simon, and I feel for you. I don’t like the sound of heavy rain – just rain. Of course, thunder and lightning are even more scary! Thank goodness, we have safe places to hide out until the horrible noises pass.

1 year ago

Our humans and our furry felines are not a fan of noise — includes noisy people LOL

Lucy and Xena
1 year ago

Lucy: Sounds like no one saw you most of the weekend, Simon. I guess we are all just used to the daily noises. It would seem weird to be in the middle of the forest and have only forest sounds, don’t you think?
Xena: Where did you come up with that one, Lucy? Middle of the forest?
Chia: I bet there would be lots of little critters to chase and maybe even catch. I’ll catch them…I’m the Flash! Let’s go!!

Sue Brandes
Sue Brandes
1 year ago

Hugs Simon. Jake doesn’t like any kind of noise either.

A ShutterBug Explores

Gratefully weekend was quiet here ~ but 2 Sats in August ~ there are ‘rock bands’ below at Stage Fort Park ~ You would not like it at all ~ have to leave the house ~ Sweet photo of you ~ hope week is quieter for y’all. especially the fur babies ~ Xo

Wishing you lots of good health, laughter and love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Millie & Walter
1 year ago

That does sound like a wild weekend for you. We never hide when people come to our house, but sometimes we are put in a room where we can’t get to the people so they can do some work in our house. We think it would be better if we could meet everyone and make friends with them, but our parents don’t always agree with us.

1 year ago

I’m sorry things were so noisy at your house last weekend. It was quiet here and we always like that. It’s to hot though.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

Eastside Cats Blog
1 year ago

Simon, I’d hide too, with all of that racket going on!

Cecilia Cofield Upchurch

Oh Dear you have Chatty Cathy for a neighbor. I send sympathy.
Hugs Cecilia

1 year ago

Sounds like noise central over in your neighborhood Simon! Hopefully that is all done and you can get some peace & quiet!

Three Chatty Cats
Three Chatty Cats
1 year ago

Sounds like your neighborhood is hopping! I kind of like hearing “noise” from the neighborhood – people enjoying and living life! Of course, maybe not pressure washing. But you know what I mean.

Mickeys Musings
1 year ago

Yup! I am not a fan of loud noises either!
I often will hide too.
Purrs, Julie

Adventures of the LLB Gang

We sure hope this weekend is a bit quieter for you Simon…it sounds like last weekend was a bit chaotic!
Rosy, Sunny & Jakey

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren

yeah we have some pretty noisy neighbors too. Be glad they aren’t making noise in your hallway outside your place like our neighbors do! Then, Levi goes nuts barking! Love, Roary

Kathe W.
1 year ago

awww yes- the ROAR of sububia! I prefer less noise- especially from loud speakers!

Cathy Keisha
1 year ago

Poor Simon and Seal. The weekends are always quiet for me since I don’t hear well anymore. There was one LOUD thunder that did make me raise my head up. TW said it was a very bad storm. Hope you have a quiet week.

katie Isabella
katie Isabella
1 year ago

Simon, I finally got used to thatnoise. I don’t like it but I am able not to hide.

1 year ago

Yes, it’s rather ironic (not like the iron) that when the weather is finally good all the neighbours come out to spoil it by making so much racket. I usually sit on my front porch talking to a friend, and we can’t even hear ourselves think.

By the way, Brian is starring on Dani’s blog today. It’s a rerun of that word puzzle from Wendy’s LOLSpot in 2013.

Melissa & Mudpie
1 year ago

Summer always brings lots of noise! And it seems like as soon as one person mows their lawn, everyone else thinks they need to do the same 🙁

Ellen J Pilch
1 year ago

Sorry you had to deal with so much noise. XO

1 year ago

When people decide weekends are for working around the house, it can get noisy. Maybe you can get some rest and peace and quiet while all the neighbors are away at work!

Ivan and Izzy from WMD

Simon, we have a landscaping service that takes care of our community. The trucks make a racket, the lawnmowers make a racket and the leaf blowers are the worst! We *really* don’t like it once a week! Oh, and the contagion here is the commercial carpet cleaners. One has theirs done, then everybody and their dog has to do theirs!

The Florida Furkids
1 year ago

That’s a lot of noisy stuff in one weekend.

Ruby Rose and The Big Little Angels 3

You live in a very busy neighborhood. I don’t think I would like it. Wishing you peaceful days.

1 year ago

Uy pobre gatito, mis nenas tan bien le temen al ruido. Te mando un beso.

1 year ago

That’s a whole lotta noise on the weekend, Simon. We would not like that, either!


Be glad you are not here with us, Simon…there is building happening with road construction to boot…and then there is the normal stuff like trucks driving past, and motorbikes…and of course lawnmowers, too.

Earplugs might help.but I don’t think they come in kitty or doggy sizes.

Fur Everywhere
1 year ago

Wow, that sounds like one noisy weekend! Angel Lita did not like loud sounds, either. If you even sneezed, she would run for cover!

We hope it is a much quieter week so you can relax in peace.

The Oceanside Animals

Charlee: “Ooh, we don’t blame you at all for hiding from the power washer, Simon.”
Chaplin: “Yeah, that thing is like the no bottle on atomic steroids!”

1 year ago

Sun puddles can make it all better! 💜

Darla M Sands
1 year ago

I’m sorry for your stress, my dear. Take care!

Marvelous Marv
1 year ago

Right now it is not quiet around here. The newest neighbor is building a humongous shop and the construction noise has us cats agitated. We run inside and hide – a LOT! Purrhaps we should come and visit you! Purrs Marv!

1 year ago

Ugh! Still slightly better than fireworks going off a couple of weeks ago, but we don’t love the lawnmower noise around here either. Cool pic — one eye looks green and the other blue.