Sister Saturday Napography with Kiki

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Hello everyone, today I going to give you a quick tour of my Napography, that’s places I’ve found that are purrfect to napping. I hope you enjoy it!

sister saturday kiki 01 10152022
Small Ottoman Napping
sister saturday kiki 02 10152022
Cat Tree Cubby Napping
sister saturday kiki 03 10152022
Couch Napping
sister saturday kiki 04 10152022
Cat Tree Bowl Napping, almost
sister saturday kiki 05 10152022
Big Ottoman Napping

One thing I’ve learned about my new home is that the napping places are plentiful and wonderful. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Memories of Eric and Flynn

You have lots of places to nap, and you look cute doing it in all of them.

7 months ago

Kiki thanks for the tour – it seems you are familiar with all the good spots that are available at your new home……and speaking of “home” you certainly look like you’ve made it YOURS !!

Hugs, Teddy

7 months ago

Kiki, I like the way you’re hanging out of your cat tree cubby. Don’t forget where your hind legs and your tail are when you get ready to get up. Precious

Katie Isabella
7 months ago
Reply to  Precious

Those LEGS!!!!

7 months ago

A napping spot available any time, anywhere!

7 months ago

You have found wonderful places to nap, Kiki!

7 months ago

Good sleeping poses Kiki 😀

Katie Isabella
7 months ago

You are adorable, scrumptious and a smoochable girl! Here my mom comes to kiss you! Look out.

Eastside Cats Blog
7 months ago

You are obviously feeling safe and secure, Kiki!

Cecilia Upchurch
7 months ago

Kiki I am all kinds of happy at how easily you adapted to your safe new indoor home
I vote to submit Napography to be added Webster’s Dictionary.
Hugs Cecilia

Mickeys Musings
7 months ago

It’s good to have lots of comfy napping spots.
All those spots look great Deciding where would be the had party 🙂
Purrs, Julie

Erin the Cat
7 months ago

Golly, you have far more spots than I do. But then this old place is so drafty that there are not many good spots bar the sofa and the bed. Maybe i need to move…..

7 months ago

Kiki, you are a professional (and adorable) napper!

Darla M Sands
7 months ago

It’s a shame you don’t feel comfortable. ~wink~ Be well, beautiful!

Gidget Blue Sky
7 months ago

oh mi cod!!!! so freakin cute!!!!

7 months ago

I like the way you mostly have your two little paws curled up under your chin. You certainly landed in the right place to have so much choice of napping places. One hint though. If you sleep aligning with the nap of whatefur fabric you are lying upon, you will have the best dreams efur!

The Poupounette Gang
7 months ago

What a great tour and absolutely wonderful photos, Kiki!

The Chans

Cathy Keisha
7 months ago

Whoa! You could teach a pro how to nap.

The Florida Furkids
7 months ago

You’ve purrfected the art of napping!

Ellen J Pilch
7 months ago

You are a cutie. XO

Mary McNeil
Mary McNeil
7 months ago

You sure have done your research Kiki !

A ShutterBug Explores
7 months ago

Kiki ~ adorable napping kitty ~ great photos ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Melissa & Mudpie
7 months ago

OMC you are the cutest little napper ever!

Millie & Walter
7 months ago

You sure have lots of great places to take a nap, Kiki.

7 months ago

You look a lot like my Sophie. She has lots of nap places, and like you, she likes to stretch when she naps.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

Glad to see youu have discoverred all the blissful places to enjoy when you need too take some Zzzz’s!

7 months ago

Beautiful napping spots and napping styles. I especially like how you often have your paw or paws up next to your face.

Mark's Mews
7 months ago

Those sure are great nappin places! It is great ta have so many (and we bet there are some ya didnt reveal.).. Seriously, always have a secret place…

The Chair Speaks
7 months ago

Our human loves all kitty napping shots, funny awkward positions included! Purrs and hugs!

Veronica Lee
7 months ago

You look ADORABLE wherever you nap! 😺
Happy Sunday!

Lucy and Xena
7 months ago

we like the big otto man napping best! (None of us are going to climb a cat pole, LOL!) XOX Xena Lucy, Chia and Riley

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

…and what a treat to see all of it, Kiki😻Double Pawkisses from us to all of you🐾😽💞

The Oceanside Animals
7 months ago

Charlee: “It’s important to map out all the best napping spots. You never know when you might have a napping emergency and need one!”

7 months ago

She sure is lucky to have found a home with you! Beautiful Kiki!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren

Kiki you have napping down to an art form!!!! Love those poses!