Thankful Thursday Blog Hop – A Good Vet Trip for Dad

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.  I am always thankful to each of you for joining us!  Each and every Thursday we share the things for which we are most thankful and we always enjoy reading all of the things you are thankful for too. If you are new to our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, thanks for hopping in, we really do get excited when new blogger pals join us!

Today we are all thankful for our Dad having a good trip to his Vet. Oh, that’s right, peoples don’t go to the Vets for their health needs, that’s us kitties that do that. But we’re thankful that the Dad has some really good human doctors. Kitties and humans both need to go to get checked out on a regular basis. I think the humans don’t like the doctor visits every bit as much as us kitties don’t like the Vet visits.

Anyways, the Dad just went to his Dermatologist and we’re most thankful that he got a good report. Our Dad had a battle with melanoma a few years back and thanks to his good doctors he is still winning that battle and is still cancer free. That’s one thankful we don’t mind repeating over and over again.

So, what are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments and then join us for our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Eastside Cats Blog
5 months ago

It’s good to read that your Dad had a good check-up.
Humans dislike going to the doc as much as cats do, but we don’t howl all of the way there…and back!
Well, maybe inside our heads, but not out loud…hehehehe

5 months ago

A big, huge hooray for a healthy Dad and may he stay that way!

5 months ago

Me alegra que esten bien de salud al igual que sus gatos. Te mando un beso.

Cathy Keisha
5 months ago

Purraying that your dad keeps getting those good reports. TW knows how nerve-wracking those scans are. Yes, she says humans really hate going to their version of the vet.
5 months ago

I will be taking my one client to a spine doctor, hopeful there good news.
Coffee is on and stay safe

5 months ago

I’m so glad your Dad got a good report, Brian! Purrs for his continued good health. That’s a handsome picture of you.

5 months ago

How wonderful! You can’t get any better than cancer-free. I’m so pleased. It has even made my week better!

5 months ago

That is wonderful news!!! So glad your dad is still cancer free!!! Definitely a good thing to be thankful for!

5 months ago

That’s such wonderful news, Brian! We’re ecstatic that your awesome dad got a clean bill of health. A great checkup, indeed! XO

Fur Everhywhere
5 months ago

That is the best news we’ve heard all week, Brian!! We are so thankful your dad is cancer-free, and we hope he stays that way! Give him love and purrs from us, okay?

5 months ago

Good to know, Brian! But I am trying my best to avoid all the doctors :-//

Marjorie Dawson
Marjorie Dawson
5 months ago

We are glad Dad is doing OK. No we don’t like the human vet either Brian!!!

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

What a wonderful blessing to get a good report from the doctor after having had to deal with that kind of cancer. I too am a cancer survivor from 2006/7. After that kind of thing, every new day is a blessing, isn’t it?!

5 months ago

we are so happy for the good news… and we wish the bad evil c never ever comes back

5 months ago

We are so thankful for your DAD’s report! The best news ever.

Memories of Eric and Flynn

That is wonderful news for your dad, Brian. I go for my 3 monthly scan the beginning of November. I know it will still be there but hope for no change.

5 months ago

My Mom does 6 month checks at the vet – oops I mean dermatologist too. She also knows that Melanoma is NOT to be messed with that’s for sure!! Glad your Dad got an “A” !!

Hugs, Teddy

5 months ago

We are so happy to hear your dad’s great news! Visiting doctors isn’t always fun but it is a necessary evil.

5 months ago

Brian, it sounds like this is a very good reason for all of you to have a celebration and a few extra treats. Cat treats and human treats. Precious went to the vet on Monday and she’s still very unhappy with having had to go.

Cathy Kennedy
5 months ago


That’s great news that Dad got a cancer-free report! You’re right hoomans don’t like going to the doctor. I’m thankful our son’s wedding went off beautifully… I’m thankful all of our children were together for the big event… I’m thankful DD#2 and her boyfriend’s got back home in Maine okay…. I’m thankful for the fall weather…and I’m thankful generally for everything!

5 months ago

Thankful for your Daddy’s “good news” day!

Derry and the biped
5 months ago

That’s terrific news, Brian, we too are thankful for your dad’s clean bill of health.

5 months ago

Great news for your dad! Our mom is not happy going to the human vet either. She really doesn’t like to go, but has to, just like we furry ones do.

Lucy and Xena
5 months ago

Hurray for your Dad! He’s a winner!! XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

Ellen J Pilch
5 months ago

I am thankful your dad has a good dr. visit too. Thanks for hosting. XO

Cecilia Upchurch
5 months ago

Brian and family can you hear me cheering and squealing what excellent news for da Dad of da house!! I think you should all celebrate with your very favorite meal
Hugs cecilia

Millie & Walter
5 months ago

A healthy dad sure is something to be thankful for.

5 months ago

That’s a most wonderful thankful. We humans do what our doctors want us to do because we need to. Just like the dad makes sure you follow what the vets says. The best thankful ever.

Thank you for hosting the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. Scritches all around and my best to your smart peeps. ♥

The Poupounette Gang
5 months ago

That’s great news and something wonderful to be thankful for!

The Chans

The Oceanside Animals
5 months ago

Charlee: “Hooray for your Dad’s good report!”
Chaplin: “We Hipsters send lots of purrs for all the reports to continue to be good in the future!”
Lulu: “And we dogs send tail wags!”

Zen's Mama
5 months ago

I’m happy to hear that your Dad had such a great visit with his dermatologist! Beating cancer isn’t easy, so any time it’s accomplished is reason for celebration!

A ShutterBug Explores
5 months ago

Oh so glad to hear Dad is doing well ~ he is precious and you kitties too ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

5 months ago

whew! glad to hear the news! Good news…

Gidget Blue Sky
5 months ago

oh mi cod!!! good furr yoo. mum sez so yoo don’t have to have yer furr head cut into like da mum

Service Cats U.S.
5 months ago

Pawsum mews Brian. Y’all are always in our purrayers. Big hugs fur all.

Luvs ya’

RaenaBelle and Zebby

5 months ago

So glad you are taking care of yourselves and each other! We’ve become fond of you ❤️

5 months ago

so happy for the doc visit and the derm doc visit. bob goes every 6 months now for his melanoma, he had 3 really bad ones and for 3 years went every 3 months, he graduated to 6 months. beau goes for his vet visit tomorrow. annual check up and the first check up since he went on the gabamentin and mexicantin last August. we are hoping for a good check up like your dad’s

The Florida Furkids
5 months ago

That’s a fabulous thankful!!

5 months ago

That is such great news to hear. Glad your dad is well 😀

5 months ago

Great news about your Dad!

Mary McNeil
Mary McNeil
5 months ago

Hurrah for your Dad’s good news !

Melissa & Mudpie
5 months ago

That’s a pawsome thankful, for sure!

5 months ago

What great news, Brian! We’re so happy, and thankful, that your Dad had a good health report. Your Daddy’s one of the truly good ones and we want him to be around for a long, long, long time.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren

YAY!! Sooo happy that your Dad got GOOD news!! Also Brian you are right, humans don’t like going to the doctor as much as kitties don’t like going to the Vet! Never thought of it like that before, but you are soooo right!!

ruby rose and the blg little angels 3
ruby rose and the blg little angels 3
5 months ago

Hooray for your Dad

Ruth Epstein
5 months ago

I am so happy to hear that your Dad is winning and got good results from his vet, I would be very thankful also. Thank you for your Thankful Thursday it always makes me realize how much we have to be thankful for

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

We’re Thankful for the good report on your Dad, Brian🙏and we’re thankful to be here again today😸Double Pawkisses from us to all of you🐾😽💞

Adventures of the LLB Gang

Best thankful ever!! We are so happy to hear your Dad’s Vet visit was a happy one!

Wing Commander Basil & The B Team

Absolutely epic news about your dad, absolutely brilliant! Today we’re thankful for warm October days, epic furiends and that the time travelling telephone box is finally finished! MOL

Darla M Sands
5 months ago

I’m so glad everything checked out well. ~hugs~

Create With Joy
5 months ago

Glad to hear Dad got a good check-up!
Sorry I’m arriving late but did not want to miss a week.