Sister Saturday: First In, Last Out with Seal

sister saturday seal 01282023

Hello everyone! It really is hard to believe that my turn to do a Sister Saturday has rolled around already. There are three gals here now so every three weeks sounds like a long time, but I guess it isn’t that long, cause here I am again. Maybe we need a couple more sisters around this place. Maybe not, I was just kidding MOL!

Anyways, I guess I should explain my post title of First In, Last Out. It really has to do with Snuggle Season, which I love by the way. When it’s cold, or even cooler, I do enjoy me a good snuggle. Last week I did my selfie from the big bed. At bedtime each evening I’m first in the big bed waiting for someone to lay down with me. Once Mom and/or Dad show up it’s time for the snuggles to begin. Then, in the morning after Mom and Dad get up I’m still in the big bed. I’m in no hurry at all to get up, nope, but eventually the breakfast bell gets my attention. See, first in, last out!

Have a super fun Saturday everyone. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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The Poupounette Gang

That is an excellent FILO, Seal! Snuggles are to be treasured and the more you can secure the better!

The Chans

Memories of Eric and Flynn

It sounds like you have a very good routine, Seal.

1 year ago

What a beauty of a cat! Amazing look.

1 year ago

Seal you look quite happy there on your personal rug. I always wait for Mom to get into bed before I hop up for some pets. I don’t stay though – just like to wish her a good night then I’m off!

Hugs, Teddy

Kim and her angels
1 year ago

That’s a lovely routine, Seal. And a good lesson for we humans, to snuggle more and rush less in the mornings. 😊

1 year ago

When you’re comfy, you are comfy. Only when the tummy starts growling for food should you get out of bed.

Mickey's Musings
1 year ago

Since I am the only cat, I am always first in.
Sometimes mum might be first, but she is not a cat. MOL!
Then I lay by her pillow so we can snuggle.
Purrs, Julie

Eastside Cats Blog
1 year ago

You’ve got a good thing going there, Seal.

Katie Isabella
1 year ago

Oh Seal…I sure know how snuggling with moms and dads is.

Lucy and Xena
1 year ago

You sound like a great snuggler, Seal. Me and Chia fight over who gets to snuggle (OK, lay across) Daddy in bed. Then Chia gets put in her kennel and I move over and snuggle with my Mommy. Mission accomplished. XOX Xena

1 year ago

Good that you are enjoying the life :-))

Millie & Walter
1 year ago

We love snuggling in bed too, Seal. That’s a beautiful picture of you.

Cecilia Upchurch
1 year ago

Seal I know 100% that the house rule there is the same as it was here with Angel Madi.
No making up the bed until the kitty moves on her own.
Love your photo an OMCs those eyes
Hugs Cecilia

1 year ago

Seal, you’re an expert snuggler! And you’re looking gorgeous today!

1 year ago

first in, last out could be Beau, but only for the kitchen, no matter who goes to the kitchen, Beau is the first one in and always the last out… chow hound is his middle name. you look so soft, I thought i would tell you I needed you to wrap around my neck while I walked with Beau yesterday and today, You would be a super warm soft neck warmer

Kitties Blue
1 year ago

Seal, imagine the competition when you are one of six sisters! First in bed gets the best spot. In our case, that means next to Dad ‘cause he is always the warmest body! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

Darla M Sands
1 year ago

You are wise, my dear. :D

1 year ago

Sounds like a great routine you’ve got, Seal!

The Oceanside Animals

Charlee: “There’s definitely no need to rush getting out of bed, even though our Dada seems to do it every morning. Even on weekends!”
Chaplin: “It’s tough to be a human.”

1 year ago

You sound like a very smart girl, Seal!

A ShutterBug Explores

One smart, beautiful kitty ~ be cozy snuggling ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

The Florida Furkids
1 year ago

It sounds like you’ve got the snuggle in/out method purrfected.

Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

Sister Seal you have that snuggle time down to a science!

Catscue Cat Mom
1 year ago

FIFO is a very smart tack to take Seal, enjoy your meal and your snuggles!

Ellen J Pilch
1 year ago

Glad you are getting lots of snuggles. XO

Melissa & Mudpie
1 year ago

Sounds like a purrfectly good plan to me!

1 year ago

That kind of first in, last out sounds great to us, Seal!

The OP Pack
1 year ago

No problem, Seal – that’s the best way to get your beauty rest:)

Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Marvelous Marv
1 year ago

Jo Jo is like that too! I wonder if it is a grrl cat thing? I LOVE the big bed, but Jo Jo likes it more.

1 year ago

Es un bello gatito Te mando un beso.

ruby rose and the blg little angels 3

You are very smart. That is the way to do it..

1 year ago

You’re doing it right!

Cathy Keisha
1 year ago

You are the smart sister. I’m not always the first in but I’m always the first out. Gotta spend some time with Pop.

1 year ago

Hey, first in, last out is the ONLY way to go. Smart kitty, you beautiful creature!

Tommy and Teaghan
1 year ago

The big bed is the best place in the world for me to get cuddles too. I like your routine!
Purrs, Tommy

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

MOL…thank you for making it all clear, Seal…MOL…Double Pawkiss🐾😽💞