A Sunday Selfie with Green Bench Simon

sunday selfie simon 02192023

Hey gang, yes, I’m on the Green Bench, but you can only see a bit of it in the background.  Did you notice that my eyes match the color of the bench?  Anyways, I hope you like my selfie and of course I’ll be looking for yours over at The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop after while.

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!  

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Memories of Eric and Flynn

Your eyes match perfectly, Simon.

1 year ago

Simon your eyes are the coolest green and yes you match your bench – – – here’s hoping you don’t get a RED bench and want your eyes to match THAT! 🙂

Hugs, Teddy

1 year ago

That bench should be named after you, Simon :-))

1 year ago

Simon, for being a single male Kitty with beautiful green eyes I fall in love every time you do a selfie. Precious

Mickey's Musings
1 year ago

Simon that IS a very nice selfie!
Your eyes are really nice too and so huge and green
Purrfect and purrfectly handsome 😉
Purrs, Julie 

Katie Isabella
1 year ago

Hi Simon! Looking good, my mancat!

The J-Cats
1 year ago

Your eyes are beautiful, Simone – and the couch matches them quite purrfectly.

The Poupounette Gang

You look so very handsome on that green bench, Simon! And it does match your eyes! Happy Sunday to all of you!

The Chans

The Florida Furkids
1 year ago

We sure did notice your eyes and the bench!!!

1 year ago

The perfect match for your incredible eyes, Simon!

Millie & Walter
1 year ago

That’s a great selfie and we love your beautiful green eyes, Simon.

Erin the Cat
1 year ago

Mrs H says she’s NOT colour co-ordinating the furnishings to match me! Apparently I’m already co-ordinated so thats all that matters 🙂. Have a great Sunday, Simon!

The Swiss Cats
1 year ago

Thanks for stopping by for my commentathon ! Your eyes are purrfectly matched to the green bench, fabulous selfie ! Purrs

Cecilia Upchurch
1 year ago

OMCs all you you are pleasing my eyes posing on my Green Bench.

Simon I do believe your gorgeous eyes are the exact shade of green as my bench!!
Hugs Cecilia

Eastside Cats Blog
1 year ago

Whoa! That’s amazing, Simon.

1 year ago

That bench DOES match your eyes, Simon! Great selfie. XO

Gidget Blue Sky
1 year ago

yoo r so hansum

1 year ago

Simon, the match between the Green Bench and your beautiful green eyes is the first thing I noticed when looked at the photo! Gorgeous selfie of you!

A ShutterBug Explores

wow! great selfie ~ look at. those beautiful eyes ~

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

1 year ago

Oh babe, I always have loved those eyes! B E A U T I F U L!!!

Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

Gorgeous eyes handsome boy! Same color my Angel Cody’s were (((hugs)))

Athena and Marie
1 year ago

Beautiful eyes, Simon!

1 year ago

Stunning green eyes <3

1 year ago

Lowe’s couldn’t get a better color match than that!

Ellen J Pilch
1 year ago

You have beautiful eyes. Xo

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three

It is proper to color coordinate with where you sit.

Marvelous Marv
1 year ago

Simon! your eyes are a fabulous color! They are mesmerizing! What a terrific Selfie. Keep being awesome! Purrs Marv

1 year ago

I always like your selfies and you are quite color-coordinated there!

The Island Cats
1 year ago

Your eyes are amazing, Simon. But you look a little angry…what gives??

Melissa & Mudpie
1 year ago

A purrfect match!


Seem like all the kitties like green bench.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Cathy Keisha
1 year ago

Of course I like your selfie but why the airplane ears?

Marjorie at Dash Kitten
Marjorie at Dash Kitten
1 year ago

In-tense dude. Wow you can hold the gaze. AMAZING!!!!

1 year ago

Your eyes are captivating!

The Oceanside Animals

Charlee: “We did notice that your eyes match the bench! But your eyes are prettier!”

1 year ago

You have beautiful eyes, Simon, and your whiskers are wonderful.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

Yes a Purrfect match!! With your aiirplane ears you look raher like a handosme Owl, Simon…we love it!! Hooot-Whoot!!

Lucy and Xena
1 year ago

We did notice, and were wondering if your family painted the bench to match your eyes, Simon!

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

You’re one cute boy, Simon, and yes, the matching is purrfect💚More Pawkisses for all of you🐾😽💞

Darla M Sands:
1 year ago

You do have the most astonishing green eyes. 🙂