Sister Saturday: It Has Been Strange Here with Kiki

sister saturday kiki 02042023

Hello friends, I hope all is good at your place! All is okay here and I’ve been trying to comfort little Macy since she had her spay surgery on Thursday. As you know, it wasn’t all that long ago that I went through the same thing. That poor little girl was pretty scared but hopefully she will be her same happy self before too long.

The night before here surgery, which was Wednesday night, she couldn’t have any food after 8 O’Clock. Then, she got put in the upstairs bedroom all by herself. The three baby gates were up. Well, Maxwell asked me to help so we staged a rescue mission to get her out of there. Let me tell you, that was a total fail, there was no way we could get those gates down. We may have actually made her situation a bit worse because she said she could smell salmon on our breath. Macy sang Rescue Me all night long.

Hey normal, we’re all looking for you, come back soon! Have a fun Saturday everyone. Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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1 year ago

Hope “Normal” returns ASAP…….it’s upsetting when “Normal” disappears isn’t it!

Hugs, Teddy

Memories of Eric and Flynn

I hope Normal soon finds Macy again.

1 year ago

poor Macy and poor family listening to singing all night long. Hope NORMAL comes back soon! same old same old, is what I call good news…

Kim and her angels
1 year ago

Oh, I bet Macy’s singing all night was fun for your humans! 😁

I hope Macy is recovering well now and getting back to her normal self. ❤️

1 year ago

Kiki, you and Maxwell gave it your best shot. But poor little Macy, she just had to go for surgery we all know. But now she’s home and hopefully be on the mend immediately.

1 year ago

What a good-big-sisfur you were, though next time maybe some “mouth mints” so you don’t tease with the salmon breath will help the situation? Just sayin’

1 year ago

Poor Macy. We send you lots and lots of healing vibes!

1 year ago

Poor Macy. We are sure once she is cleared to hang out with everyone again she will forget it all quickly and be her normal self.

Mickey's Musings
1 year ago

I purr normal comes back soon too Kiki!
We cats like normal and we do not like changes .
Purrs normal returns soon.
I am happy Macy did well with her spay :)
Now that it is over, things can get back to wild and crazy at your place ;) MOL!!!
Purrs, Julie 

1 year ago

I just have to laugh at ‘Macy sang Rescue Me all night long’…poor Macy. It will get better very soon!

The Poupounette Gang

Those are always difficult moments to get through but they will soon be no more than a distant memory!

Have a fun and normal Saturday!

The Chans

Katie Isabella
Katie Isabella
1 year ago

Poor little girl. Soon, it will be gone from your mind because you won’t want to remember it. XXXX

Cecilia Upchurch
1 year ago

Oh Kiki
I can hear Macy singing the rescue song of her people me in first soprano.
MOL salmon on your breath.
Hugs cecilia

Millie & Walter
1 year ago

That was nice of you to try to help Maxwell break Macy out of jail. We have our paws crossed that Macy feels better soon.

Darla M Sands
1 year ago


The Oceanside Animals

Chaplin: “I didn’t know Macy was a Madonna impersonator! Ask her to sing ‘Vogue’ next, and Dada requests ‘Into the Groove’!”

Eastside Cats Blog
1 year ago

Humans may have all kinds of reasons why they take cats to the veterinarian, but cats just don’t want to go along with the program.

The Florida Furkids
1 year ago

We sure hope “normal” comes back soon.

1 year ago

Purrs from us for everything to settle back down to Normal soon!

Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

Kiki, first, I am in total love with your adorable face and coloring! Second, I am dying laughing at Macy singing “Rescue Me” all night! I am DYING!!! xoxo

A ShutterBug Explores

Yes, normal to return soon sweet kitty ~ be well ~

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

1 year ago

You two are loyal pals, (and siblings) for trying, Maswell and Kiki. <3

We hope things for MAcy are back to normal real soon. XO

Mary McNeil
Mary McNeil
1 year ago

Well, it really is good your rescue mission failed, because that would have only put her surgery off. At least now it is done and she is closer to “normal.”

1 year ago

I hope Macy is doing well and not isolated any longer.

Mary Kirkland
1 year ago

Feel better soon.

Ellen J Pilch
1 year ago

Poor Macy must have been quite upset. XO

1 year ago

Normal? Who is that? Good try on the rescue, though. Got to keep those humans wondering at your superpowers.

Melissa & Mudpie
1 year ago

Poor Macy. You sure are a good big sister, Kiki.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

Lets hope that Normal returns ASAP!

Gidget blue Sky
1 year ago

rescue me, and hold me in your paws

1 year ago

This too shall pass, that’s what i always tell myself when something happens and i can hardly wait for it to be over.

1 year ago

Uy pobre gatita espero que este bien . Te mando un beso.

Charles Huss
1 year ago

Surgeries can really be rough.

Kitties Blue
1 year ago

Kiki, that was good of you and Maxwell to try and rescue Macy! She’ll be fine in a few days! You sure are a pretty girl. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

The Island Cats
1 year ago

Too bad your rescue mission didn’t work. I sure hope Macy is feeling better now. ~Ernie

Marvelous Marv
1 year ago

Hee! Hee! We can imagine the songs Macy has been singing! And Kiki you are a terrific sister trying to liberate her. We are pretty sure she will be back to her normal happy self fast. Great to see your gorgeous face today! Keep being awesome! Marvelous Marv.

Cathy Keisha
1 year ago

At least you tried. Did you say salmon breath? BTW what is this “normal” you speak of?

1 year ago

I would have loved to see y’all trying to get Macy out of the bedroom. I bet that was a site!

Lucy and Xena
1 year ago

You’re a good sissie, Kiki. XOX Xena
Chia: Sissie? Seriously?
Xena: Go away, Chia.

The Swiss Cats
1 year ago

Poor Macy ! We hope she gets back to her happy self very soon ! Purrs

1 year ago

Salmon breath on a kit who missed dinner?! Oops, better rethink that plan – MOL!