Feline Friday:  The Bathroom Brigade

feline friday brian maxwell seal macy 03312023
Brian, Maxwell, Seal & Macy

As I mentioned on Monday, sometimes I have to wait for the brushing perch these days and I asked who you thought was in my way.  If you guessed Maxwell you would be right.  MadSnapper, Beau’s Mama, was the only one who guessed correctly!

We’re joining in on Feline Friday hosted by Messy Mimi’s Meanderings and it is simple to join. All you have to do is: Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (They may be silly or cute).

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8 months ago

congrats to the mama of the beau!!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn

You all line up so nicely to take your turn. Congrats to Beau’s mom.

8 months ago

Just like home, never alone at bathroom

The Poupounette Gang
8 months ago

Busy Bathroom!!!

The Chans

8 months ago

The bathroom is getting crowded!!!

8 months ago

Well there is one crowd waiting in line for the hair stylist to take care of everyone.

8 months ago

Hey, neat- I like hanging in the bathroom here, too, especially when someone’s sitting on the big white seat and I rub my way around their legs. TMI?

Mickeys Musings
8 months ago

Pawsome picture of you hanging out in the bathroom!
Hope no water was involves unless it was for drinking 😉
Brian, I hope you get extra brushings since your spot was taken!!!!
Purrs, Julie

8 months ago

That bathroom is one busy place. We are surprised that you all want to be brushed. I guess it feels really good.

8 months ago

Appointments required at Salon de Brian. Booked solid for today.

Katie Isabella
8 months ago

I wish I had said that myself! Because I sure thought of him as the likely suspect!

8 months ago

Thanks for the LOL this early AM… just seeing the four of you in waiting mode is a treat to me. I won, so where’s da prize? kisses to all of you

8 months ago

I sure hope that no hoomans want to wash up anything soon!

8 months ago

Congrats to Beau’s Mom! Looks like a popular gathering spot, there!

A ShutterBug Explores
8 months ago

You won’t get lonely with these cuties ~ fun photo ~

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Eastside Cats Blog
8 months ago

Isn’t that simply the cutest?

Three Chatty Cats
Three Chatty Cats
8 months ago

That’s quite the lineup! I love that Seal is in the sink.

Cecilia Upchurch
8 months ago

Good thing you are a kind brudder and PATIENT.
I just finished cleaning our loos…wish I had had your brigade there for entertainment
Hugs Cecilia

The LLB Gang
8 months ago

Silly Maxwell MOL! You all look very patient waiting your turn tho!
Rosy & Sunny

8 months ago

My goodness – the brush is a very popular item in your bathroom isn’t it! I get my brushing every morning next to my Mom’s recliner where she sits. I sometimes fall asleep on the floor while she’s brushing – I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be brushed too!

Hugs, Teddy

8 months ago

Looks like a busy day for the person who does the brushing.

Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

what a pretty bathroom!! No wonder there is a line for brushies in there!

Mary Kirkland
8 months ago

That’s funny that they are all in there at the same time.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

Your bathroom is a kitty magnet!! Great things must happen there!

Concats to Beau’s Mom!

Ellen J Pilch
Ellen J Pilch
8 months ago

That is quite the bathroom crew. 🙂

The Florida Furkids
8 months ago

The bathroom seems to be THE place to be!

Melissa & Mudpie
8 months ago

A nice big bathroom for all the kitties to hang out!

Millie & Walter
8 months ago

It sure is crowded in that bathroom!

Darla M Sands:
8 months ago


8 months ago

It looks like quite the line up. Congratulations to your right guesser.

Thank you so much for joining Feline Friday!

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three

I think you are the classiest bathroom attendant around.

Cathy Keisha
8 months ago

Thought I guessed Simon but I prolly didn’t. Glad someone did. HAH! He’s one of two who’s not in the pic. These days if Pop wants to brush me, he has to do it on the bed.

8 months ago

Gatitos muy traviesos. Te mando un beso.

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

Feeling watched always. huh🙈🐾😽💞

8 months ago

Cat hair in your drain much? It must be so lovely to have all that company in the bathroom when you’re trying to get ready. No one should ever feel lonely in the bathroom!

8 months ago

Haha busy little spot!

The Oceanside Animals
8 months ago

Charlee: “That’s quite a line for the bathroom! I hope nobody had any early morning meetings they needed to get ready for!”