Sister Saturday:  Just Lounging Around the House with Seal

sister saturday seal 01 04012023

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a fun Saturday.  I’m just lounging around not doing much of anything and I plan to do it up right too.  It’s nice to just relax and watch the world go by.  I do like this chair, but I’m not sure I’ll stay long, some stinky mancat has it all stinkified up MOL!

sister saturday seal 02 04012023

I did find a nice sunpuddle in the dining room so I stretched out and enjoyed it for a while.  The sun was hitting just right and boy was I in the right place at the right time

sister saturday seal 03 04012023

After that I headed in to the big bathroom to see if I could get a little brushing time.  Sadly here was no hair dresser on duty, which was okay, it was still nice to relax in the sink for a while.

sister saturday seal 04 04012023

Then I had a bonus discovery in the hallway, a sunpuddle AND a toy.  So I decided to take a wee snooze and use the toy as my pillow.

Okay, that’s it for me today, what are you up to this weekend?  Have a fun Saturday everyone.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later! 

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The Poupounette Gang

You are looking lovely, Seal. The last photo is really special!

The Chans

1 year ago

Oh yes. I a’m packing my bag for å trip to a lake near by. Enjoying the sun to day.

1 year ago

sundpuddle with a toy in it, how cool is that? or maybe how warm is that? your furs are gorgeous in the sunlight. Happy April first, hope you kitties don’t play to many april fool jokes on each other

1 year ago

Seems like you’re “queen for a day” of all you survey … have at it, Seal …

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

No hairdresser huh? But at least you found some sun and that does look amazing on you, beautiful Seal🌞Extra Pawkisses for all of you🐾😽💞

1 year ago

Seal, except for not getting the hairbrushed, it does seem like you had a very good afternoon. And it looks like from the pictures maybe a little alone time to yourself.

1 year ago

Seal, it’s so nice to see you today. It seems like I haven’t seen you in furever! It looks like you’ve been quite busy this morning. You and your toy deserve a rest in the sunpuddle. Mmmmm, toasty!

Mickeys Musings
1 year ago

A sunspot and a toy!
That sounds like the purrfect place to relax and enjoy yourself!!!!
Purrs, Julie

The Z Kids’ Mama
1 year ago

Good Morning Seal – and family! – the Z Kids and I are just hanging out today, too. Poor little Zoey – who isn’t so little any more – had a rough day yesterday, so we’re all just taking it easy and letting her relax. I had to take her to our backup vet yesterday afternoon after lining up a last-minute pet sitter for Zen.

Katie Isabella
1 year ago

LOve you sweet Seal. Really.

1 year ago

Seal, you look gorgeous as you make your way around all the lounging spots! How nice to find a bonus sunpuddle and a bonus toy!

Cecilia Upchurch
1 year ago

Seal a girl has gotta keep on moving til she finds that very special place. I love you crossed paws and the sunpuddle photo
Hugs Cecilia

Memories of Eric and Flynn

You look so sweet with your paws neatly crossed, Seal!

1 year ago

What a busy girl – but it’s ALL good isn’t it….kind of relaxing and taking it easy!!

Hugs, Teddy

Eastside Cats Blog
1 year ago

What stinky mancat stunk up your resting place, Seal?
Must have been Brian, since Maxwell is a boycat at best…

Ellen J Pilch
1 year ago

You are such a beauty. XO

Darla M Sands:
1 year ago

You make me smile. Thank you, gorgeous Seal. You are a dear.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! a sun puddle and a toy ~ fun! ~ Seal your photos are awesome ~ so regal and adorable too ~

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

you have me cracking up with “stinkified” and “no hairdresser being on duty” LMAO!!!! Sister Seal you sure have the life! xoxo

1 year ago

Enjoy your sunpuddle and that toy, Seal. Sounds like a purrfect day. :)

1 year ago

After your busy morning the sun puddle was a perfect find for a nap.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

Hello, Seal! We enjoyed your Saturday ‘tour’!

Enjoy your sunpuddle, complete with a pretty pink pillow, even if it is a toy!

1 year ago

You are such a beauty, Seal. Enjoy your sunpuddle and your relaxing day!

1 year ago

Stunning photos! Love the crossed paws, my cats do that all the time. They love the little bits of sun too!


A sunpuddle AND a toy!!!! that is indeed a perfect day!

Lucy and Xena
1 year ago

Sunpuddles are the best! I caught one at just the right time in the porch chair while I was forced, umm, abandoned, ummm, choosing to spend some time outside with Lucy! XOXOXOX Chia

Millie & Walter
1 year ago

You sure have lots of different places to hang around in your house, Seal.

Melissa & Mudpie
1 year ago

Sounds like a great day!!!

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three

That is a nice sun puddle

The Island Cats
1 year ago

Sounds like you’re having the purrfect Caturday, Seal!

1 year ago

Seal es muy fotogenico.Les mando un beso.

1 year ago

That’s a lot to do on a weekend.

Yes, boys can stink, i had two stinky brothers. As i told my mom when she brought the second one home from the hospital, one was enough, i needed a sister!

1 year ago

Wow, what a GREAT DAY! How often to you get to find all those purrfect spots just at the right time. I’ve been wondering, though–I know you guys have light fairies in your house but I haven’t heard about them for a while. We recently had a bunch of them! Maybe it’s all this sun we’ve had lately. How about you?

My Saturday been really quite. Just the way I like it.
Coffee is on and stay safe.

Cathy Keisha
1 year ago

You had a very relaxing day, Seal.