Awww Mondays: Looking Up with Kiki

Hello everyone, what am I looking up at? It’s Light Fairy Season and there is some on the ceiling. I wonder if Seal knows they are here? We’re joining in on Awww Mondays over at Comedy Plus.

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easy rider
7 months ago

oh we hope you saw some of that fairies…. a happy pre howloween moanday to you

Kim and her angels
7 months ago

Fairy lights are pretty and lend a lovely glow, Kiki. I imagine it’s just as well none of you kitties can get to the wires! (Angel Derry was a wire-chewer, maybe some of you are too!)

Have a great week and happy Hallowe’en.

7 months ago

Kiki I love light fairies too……and be prepared for Halloween spookies as well!

Hugs, Teddy

7 months ago

You better watch out

7 months ago

Did one of my moths fly to you Kiki. Precious

My GBGV Life
7 months ago

Yes it is that time of the year.Bailie is interested in those things too.

Lucy and Xena
7 months ago

Oooh, get a picture of them next time, Kiki!

7 months ago

The Halloween fairies have arrived. Happy pre-Halloween, Kiki!👻

Cathy Kennedy
7 months ago


Light fairies?! That sounds exciting! I need to keep an eye on them to show here. I’m sure they’ve visited but I just wasn’t looking. I hope you, your furblings, mom, and dad have a pawsome week!

Katie Isabella
7 months ago

I wish you knew how lovely and sweet you look while you watch the light fairies.

Ernie from The Island Cats

Those light fairies have you mesmerized, Kiki!

7 months ago

There is always something new to discover. Enjoy the fairy lights.

7 months ago

Aww! You LQQKK enthralled Kiki heheh! 🙂

Have a fairytastic week 👍

7 months ago

Kiki, you would love our NOOK.. it has fairy lights in it year round.

7 months ago

Awww, what a great shot. I think kitties can see far more than we can. Update on Lil’ Bit. She’s coming inside for her breakfast and dinners. She roamed around a bit yesterday and then wanted back outside. We let her leave when she’s ready. This morning I put her food down and opened the door and she shot right in to eat. We think she’s a she. We’re so happy. Progress on her terms. Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.                       Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to the kitties and my best to… Read more »

7 months ago

I have never heard of Light Fairy season…how interesting! Wish you all have a great week!

Darla M Sands
7 months ago

Awww, indeed…

7 months ago

You look so beautiful looking up, Kiki!

7 months ago

Mornin’, precious Kiki – You look nice and comfy. Did Seal also discover the Light Fairies? Or any of your other siblings? What fun that is to watch them, isn’t it?

7 months ago

Kiki, good work tracking the light fairies! We have some trackers here too, but not today, it’s cloudy!

Cecilia Upchurch
7 months ago

Oh Kiki I do love light fairy season!!
Hugs Cecilia

The Poupounette Gang
7 months ago

Cute! We keep repeating the same thing but we LOVE your cat trees!

The Chans

The LLB Gang
7 months ago

We’ll have to keep our eyes open for those light fairies too!
Sunny & Rosy

7 months ago

Kiki, those Light Fairies can be mesmerizing.

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

We see them too, Kiki, they’re effurrywhere🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️Double Pawkisses for a Happy Monday to all of you🐾😽💞

Cheerful Monk
7 months ago

What a beautiful photo! You clearly belong there. ❤️

Eastside Cats Blog
7 months ago

Kiki, we hope you catch that light fairy!


Those light fairies sure have your attention!
Pipo used to try and catch them…without success, LOL!

A ShutterBug Explores
7 months ago

Kiki you are adorable and what an awesome photo of you ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Memories of Eric and Flynn

I bet Seal knows they are back but is letting you have a turn at watching them.

Mary Kirkland
7 months ago

Yes, my dog does the same thing when he sees lights on the ceiling. Cute picture.

Millie & Walter
7 months ago

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a light fairy, Kiki. You look like you’re enjoying the show from your perch.

Ellen J Pilch
7 months ago

Good luck catching them. XO
7 months ago

This are looking up here.
Coffee is on

The OP Pack
7 months ago

We finally got some sun today after a week of cold rain, so maybe we can look up too and find some light fairies:). Very sweet, Kiki.

Woos- Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Melissa & Mudpie
7 months ago

Have fun watching!

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three

It seems like things are looking up

7 months ago

Es una linda foto. Lesa mando un beso y les deseo una genial semana.

7 months ago

I’ll bet the light fairies are fun and get lots of attention.

Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

Oh Kiki! I love light fairies too!!!! Love, Roary

7 months ago

We were wondering when the light fairies would be back!

The Swiss Cats
7 months ago

Fairies ? How cool ! We’ve never heard of Light Fairy season ! Purrs

Kitties Blue
7 months ago

You have a super cute and interested expression on your face, Kiki. Thanks for letting us know what you’re looking at. We get those fairies too, They’re always fun. XOCK, angels Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta & Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh