Happy Tabby Tuesday with Simon:  The Morning Quiet Time

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Hey gang, I hope you all are doing okay today, I am and I’m also enjoying my morning quiet time.  Mornings are busy here.  The Mama gets up early, picks up and cleans all of our bowls and then vacuums everywhere.  I always retreat to the upper levels of the Cat Tree during vacuum time, it’s a nice safe spot. 

Anyways, then the Dad gets up, fixes breakfast for our feral crew, feeds them, then prepares our breakfast meal.  Then the toys come out and the first playtime of the day begins.  Then, as you can see from my photo, it’s time for some morning quiet time, especially for me.  I typically can be found on the back of the couch.  Sometimes I’m joined by Macy or Kiki and the snooze commences.   Macy hasn’t quite figured out the joys of quiet time yet, but Maxwell has. 

Okay, that’s it for now.  Hey Pet Bloggers, don’t forget to leave your daily link over at The Cat Blogosphere for a chance to grab an entry for the end of the month drawing.  Okay, that’s it for now!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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easy rider
17 days ago

even we love da quiet time… so for 5 minutes… but it’s progress LOL


Oh, yes, even us pups love the quiet time…right now, Dalton is all curled up, and Benji is sprawled…they have fifferetn ways to do ‘quiet’.

Glad you get to snooze in your preferred place…and not ousted buy the young uns!

Memories of Eric and Flynn

Glad you have got your favourite place for your quiet tine, Maxwell.

17 days ago

Looks like you have the prime spot for enjoying some quiet time before the crazy time at the house. I usually just head for the basement when I want quiet time – nobody ever comes down there!

Hugs, Teddy

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat

Look at that paw floof, Simon! Have you been hiding it from us?!

Kim and her angels
17 days ago

No wonder you need quiet time, Simon, with all that busyness!

17 days ago

Dad says he’s all about morning quiet time. We’re still in development with our own quiet morning routine here. Typically, he comes down the stairs where I usually greet him from the runner at the bottom of the stairs, he gives me some lovin’ till my purrs echo throughout the downstairs, and then he heads for his vat of java and his chair.

2 Senior Girl Kittens
2 Senior Girl Kittens
17 days ago

Thank you for sharing your quiet time observations, Simon. We study up on it too 😸😺

17 days ago

With so many kitties to take care of and clean up after it’s no wonder your mom and dad spend a busy morning. And you probably just get very tired watching.

17 days ago

Simon you are blessed to have mama and daddy and all your siblings. Quite time is a favorite here too. my quite time means the TV is turned off. ha ha

17 days ago

We too enjoy some quiet times.

My GBGV Life
17 days ago

Vacuuming time is the worst! None of us like that here. You look adorable as always lounging on your spot there.

The Poupounette Gang
17 days ago

Quiet times are important to recharge batteries for more playtime!

The Chans

Katie Isabella
17 days ago

That was interesting to know about how your day started. MIne starts with Mom getting up pretty early and I am first. I get greeted, some pets, maybe snuggles but not that, the snuggles, too often- until I eat breakfast. Usually we both go into the kitchen where I get my breakfast and fresh water, Then, after me, she comes first.

Ernie from The Island Cats

Quiet time can be the best time, Simon.

Cecilia Upchurch
17 days ago

Simon I say you are wise and Macy needs to listen to your wisdom.
You look most handsome
Hugs cecilia

Ellen J Pilch
17 days ago

I wish all kitties were so lucky. XO

Sandee @ CP
17 days ago

I get up every morning and feed Lil’ Bit and she’s always waiting at the backdoor for me to feed her. You’re so handsome, Simon and quiet time is a good thing.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.
Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches to all the kitties and my best to your peeps. ♥

17 days ago

You look very comfy, Simon. Our Callie likes her naps too, anywhere and anytime

17 days ago

Mornin’, Simon – We like our quiet morning time around here too. Actually, anytime during the day is good for some quiet time!

17 days ago

Quite a morning itinerary, Simon! Looks like you are taking a much needed break!

17 days ago

Happy tabby Tuesday! Aloha

Eastside Cats Blog
17 days ago

You look very chillax’d, Simon!
Very floofy, but chillax’d…

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three
Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three
17 days ago

You found the perfect spot

A ShutterBug Explores
17 days ago

Oh you nap so well ~ sweet photo of you handsome man ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laugther and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

17 days ago

Morning quiet time is wonderful – after I have eaten my breakfast!

Darla M Sands
17 days ago

Your mom vacuums carpets daily? Wow. I always find an avoidance excuse, such as kitties eating or sleeping. lol The chore did get done today, at least. Be well!

Cheerful Monk
17 days ago

Hurray for quiet tine and snoozes!

Mary Kirkland
17 days ago

It’s good to have some quiet time during the day.

Millie & Walter
17 days ago

You sure look relaxed hanging out on the back of the couch, Simon.

Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

your morning routine sounds like fun!!! I stand on Mom until she gets up at 6:09 every morning (why 6:09 you ask? You know Mom is strange!!), then, mom stumbles into our extra room to get my bowl and gives me dry kibble. Then she gets some coffee and turns on her computer to play games). That is when I stand outside Levi’s crate to annoy him and make him crazy. Then I go to the cat tree to rest. Then after about an hour she lets annoying Levi out of his crate and at 8:30 I get my “main”… Read more »

The LLB Gang
17 days ago

Morning quiet time is one of our favorite times too!

Sunny and Rosy

Lucy and Xena
17 days ago

Hey there Simon. It’s much the same around here, but Mom doesn’t usually vacuum in the morning, and definitely not every day, even though 2 of us leave her lots of furry ball presents.

Melissa & Mudpie
17 days ago

Quiet time is always good!

17 days ago

Quiet time on the back of a sofa in front of a window…purrfect!

17 days ago

It sounds like your family has a fabulous routine going. I like the idea of a morning quiet time.

17 days ago

It’s always nice to have a bit of quiet time in a comfy spot.

17 days ago

Quiet time is super important, Simon. And we can see you have a great spot for yours!