My First Sister Saturday with Tinslee

sister saturday tinslee 01 03162024

Hello everyone! Well, this is pretty exciting, I get to do my first Sister Saturday post. It didn’t take too much to get me to do it, I was ready because I heard the other girls talking about it being a fun thing to do. Thank you all for the warm welcome to Blogville too, I appreciate it. Oh, if you were wondering, I am glad to have found Titan again, although he went by a different name when we lived at the Vet place.

sister saturday tinslee 02 03162024

I’m sure you could tell where I was parked, but here’s more of a full view. I do like these cat trees, they are really comfy and I often sleep in one of them at night. I even use the one upstairs in what my Dad calls the music room. There are all kinds of instrument cables up there that need some chewing on. The Dad keeps picking them up and hiding them though.

sister saturday tinslee 03 03162024

I really do enjoy looking out the front window too, there is always something to see out there. I also really enjoy having such a fun family with kitties that want to romp and play too.

Okay, that’s enough for my first go at it.  Have a most wonderful Sister Saturday everyone.. Hey Pet Bloggers, don’t forget to leave your daily link over at The Cat Blogosphere for a chance to grab an entry for the end of the month drawing.  Okay, that’s it for now!  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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Memories of Eric and Flynn

Lovely to meet you Tinslee. You have done very well in your first post. Oh, and don’t chew those cables!

4 months ago

Tinslee – you and Titan sure have a wonderful new home don’t you…..lots of great spots for naps and tons of toys as well as a whole new cat family to play with. I know your humans are happy to have you join them. Glad you got to try out your blogging skills – you did very well!

Hugs, Teddy

Kim and her angels
4 months ago

Tinslee, you did a great job of your first Sister Saturday post! You have a sweet little face and oh, such a gloriously long tail! You found the perfect spot to let it dangle and show it off! 😻

4 months ago

Wow that was an amazing long tail you got! Here it’s a snowy day, and windy so we are going to stay inside to day.

2 Senior Girl Kittens
2 Senior Girl Kittens
4 months ago

Thank you for your first post, Tinslee. We will enjoy seeing you get settled in to your comfy home ! 😸😺

4 months ago

It is wonderful to meet you and see what up puffy tail you’ve got. And I bet you were thrilled to find Titan when you got into your new forever home.

4 months ago

Well, if’n this is your first try at a Sis-Sat post, you get an A-plus, Miss Tinslee, well done! (sure you didn’t practice a little before hand?) And the tail display is really quite something else.

Katie Isabella
4 months ago

Tinslee, I am so glad to see you again. Yiu are so pretty… and your face just seems to be asking for a little smoochie.

4 months ago

Nice to meet you, Tinslee. You’re most adorable. You have a most wonderful forever home too.

Have a purrfect day and weekend. Scritches all around and my best to your peeps. ♥

4 months ago

Good to meet you Tinslee and enjoy your new home.

da tabbies o trout towne
da tabbies o trout towne
4 months ago

tinslee, hay ewe gorgeouz! eye dinna noe ewe had joined
de crew, pleez beg me most humble for de late welcome
and happee gotcha day wizhez 🐟🐟🌸 eye lookz for werd
ta seein mor postz frum ewe and heerz hopin everee one haza grate day …and two morrow, eat plentee oh cat nip🍀😺💚‼️

4 months ago

Meow Tinslee :-) That front window view is fascinating, isn’t it?

4 months ago

I think you might possibly have the longest tail in your new home. you sure know how to dangle/drape it.. and your face is just precious.. I am sure your sisters were happy to let you do your first sister saturday

Cecilia Upchurch
4 months ago

Tinslee bravo x 87 for this excellent Sister Saturday Post.
OMCs the close up of your adorable face is wonderful and that lady cat tail quite impressive.
Hugs Cecilia

Tails Around the Ranch
4 months ago

Excellent first time job, Tinslee! Well done. Enjoy your skyscraper sleeping loft and the view from the window but you should probably avoid the cables-they’ll give you indigestion. Looks like you and your bro found the perfect home. 😻

Millie & Walter
4 months ago

You sure look happy hanging out in all those different places, Tinslee. You sure have a long tail dangling from the cat tree.

The Florida Furkids
4 months ago

Great job with your first sister Saturday post! You’re a cutie.

Laila and Angel Minchie

Tinslee, you did a wonderful job for your first sister Saturday! We just love how you have made yourself right at home and found your buddy Titan once again. You could not have found a more perfect home.

The Swiss Cats
4 months ago

Nice to meet you, Tinslee ! You did so well for your very first post ! We’re glad you found a wonderful forever home and a lovely family. Purrs

4 months ago

You are such a cutie, Tinslee, and you have the longest tail!

4 months ago

Tinslee, great first post! What a lovely portrait of you at the top! It’s great to see you lounging around and having so much fun. Just ease off on the cable chewing, K?

4 months ago

You are such an adorable and pretty little Tortie! I advised dad not to get a Tortie, for fear of how you would blend with the others, but I think you must be doing well. Dad told me he thought that depended on how you were raised. It you were raised around other kitties you should do well. Lily Bit is part Tortie and she was fostered with dogs, she lived great with Dakota and the other dogs, but not so much with Misty. Other folks I know that have Torties, had them first then brought other cats in and… Read more »

4 months ago

Mornin’, Tinslee – I’ve been wanting to see new pics of you and here you are! I’m so happy you are loving your new home, your sisters and brothers and have reunited with Titan. I’m glad you have Dad and Mom too, who love you all so much.

4 months ago

Tinslee, are you sure you’ve never done this before? Because that was a GREAT Sister Saturday post. You’re like a pro!

We are so glad you are doing great in your new home. It’s wonderful that you and Titan wound up there together in the bestest forever family ever. XO

A ShutterBug Explores
4 months ago

Oh Tinslee ~ you are a handsome kitty with quite the tail ~ so glad you are happy ~ hugs,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

The Poupounette Gang
4 months ago

What a lovely first Sister Saturday, Tinslee. You certainly lucked out with your Forever Home!

The Chans

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

Tinslee, you have such a sweet face and no doubt you are enjoying your new home and family.
So glad you found Titan back—regardless the name change as you could sniff him out and recognize.
Play on and enjoy the views but please don’t chew on Dad’s music cables… 🤗
Mariette + Kitties

4 months ago

Nice to meet you, Tinslee. You have found a great place to live! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Mary Kirkland
4 months ago

Oh my goodness, you are so cute. I love that tail too.

Melissa & Mudpie
4 months ago

You sure take a beautiful selfie, Tinslee!!! You have such an impressive tail too! (Mudpie is rather self conscious of her super short tail.)

Ellen J Pilch
Ellen J Pilch
4 months ago

Great job Tinslee. You are such a cutie. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the passing of Lucy. XO

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three
Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three
4 months ago

You look adorable

4 months ago

Hi Tinsley. You did a fantastic job with your first Sister Saturday post, especially showing off your L-O-N-G tail.

Eastside Cats
4 months ago

You are a beauty, Tinslee!

messymimi's meanderings

I’m glad you’ve found your way into that house, too. It’s perfect with you in it.

Be careful with those cables. One of our foster kittens tried to chew one once and it was lucky not to get hurt!

Lucy and Xena
4 months ago

HI Tinslee. You have a very loooong tail! Congrats on your first Feline Friday post. XOX Xena and my gang

Cheerful Monk
4 months ago

Yes, don’t chew those cables! They aren’t good for you. But have fun and enjoy your new home. ❤️

Athena and Marie
4 months ago

Lovely to meet you, Tinslee!

4 months ago

Hi Tinslee! Sorry I missed your first intro, you sure are a cutie and it’s good to see you settling in with your new family. Enjoy!

The OP Pack
4 months ago

Another newbie!!!!???? Tinslee, we love your name, and you are very pretty!!! Anoh that tail, it sure looks sper long!!!

Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

So happy for you that you found your fun furrever family, sweet Tinslee. We’re sure they love and awwdore you as much as you do😸😺Extra Pawkisses just for you🐾😽💞

The Oceanside Animals
4 months ago

Oona: “Tinslee! Our Dada keeps trying to stop Oona from chewing on or playing with wires, too!”
Charlee: “You kill an entire aquarium of fish and all of a sudden you have a reputation, huh, Oona?”
Oona: “Exactly! If the wires are not meant to be chewed on and played with, WHY ARE THEY LYING AROUND WHERE OONA CAN GET THEM?!”

Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

Tinslee you did a pawesome job! Now…stay away from those cords!!