About Brian, Our Founder

Brian was our fabulous tabby cat who came to his forever home on December 22 , 2008 and kindly took over and gave life to a start-up blog from 2007 which featured Maine Coon kitty Ivan and Orange Tabby kitty Moses.   Brian continue to lead this blog until his passing on October 9, 2023. 

Brian was our Christmas kitty, not only was he adopted just three days before Christmas, he actually was born on a real life Christmas Tree Farm up in the mountains not too far from here.  He waited at the rescue for nine months before we adopted him.  Actually, he was adopted once but they were not nice to him so the rescue took him away from them.  Early on Brian was known as The Cat In the Hat with his trademark fedora. 

Brian was a kind and gentle soul and he used his voice to literally help hundreds of critters find homes during his time on earth.  He was the main reason we were able to have as many as nine kitties in residence here.  He welcomed each and every one of them with open paws and a warm heart.  Brian was the peacemaker, always making sure the others were kind to each other.  While most of the kitties run and hide if company or strangers came, Brian was there to meet and greet as he was certain that everyone deserved an equally warm welcome. 

Brian was asked if he would like to take over the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and he thought that was a delightful thing.  Brian’s personality came through as he invited others to focus on the things they are thankful for and to express those thanks in writing every Thursday.  The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop has been a success ever since. 

Brian will always be alive in our hearts and this blog will continue in his honor as will Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. 

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