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Thank you for  We have had a social media presence since 2008 and have over 17,000 loyal followers.  We have an active presence on all major social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. We were recently named one of the 36 Top Cats On Twitter.  Our fan base includes pet lovers  the world over. We will gladly feature your product or service across all of our social networking sites.

Remember, pet owners buy all kind of things, not just pet products!

We will gladly discuss how we can help you meet your goals with::
  • Customized product reviews
  • Giveaways (we prefer no geographical restrictions)
  • Brand ambassadorships or sponsorships
  • Book reviews (allow 21 days for completion)
  • Sponsored posts from approved brands.
  • Advertising opportunities

NOTE: We do not host uncompensated guest posts. Topical and pre-approved sponsored posts are available at our other blog,

Please contact us via our Contact Me page to discuss what we can do for you and your brand.
We always do our best to respond promptly.