Quite a Quiet Report from Sister Precious

sister saturday precious 06092018Hello everyone, it’s Sister Saturday and it’s me Precious here to chat with you for a few minutes.  I do appreciate you stopping by, really I do.  Honestly, it seems like I just did a Sister Saturday post but Brother Brian told me it’s my turn so we’ll just go ahead and assume he is right.

Anywho, it’s been pretty quiet here in the Upstairs suite.  That silly young boycat with the super big tail hasn’t been up rattling my gate lately.  I wonder why that is?  Maybe he finally got the message that I’m always on guard and waiting for him to show up.  I do see that rascal running back and forth downstairs and sometimes he makes my head dizzy with all that floof tail in motion.  Oh, he can be quite entertaining, especially when I hear him being called No Simon, it does give me a chuckle.

I don’t know if I mentioned this to you before, but I’ve gotten into the regular brushing routine too.  Every evening during Dad time the first thing Dad does when he comes to see me is give me a good brushing.  I love it and I sure look forward to it every evening.  Then, after brushing time the Dad and I visit some of your blogs to see what you’re up to.  It sure is a fun way to spend the evening.

Okay gang, that’s it for me today, this girl has got to make sure I am up to date with my snoozy time.  Have a really nice Saturday everyone and I’ll see you soon.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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32 thoughts on “Quite a Quiet Report from Sister Precious

  1. Teddy

    Sister Precious I’m glad you like your brushing time with your Dad….and spending the evening with him while he’s “visiting” your special upstairs suite makes for a nice “one on one” with him too. I’m glad Brother Simon has decided not to do any more “gate crashing”!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Pat Hatt

    Brushing time is great indeed. Good he finally got the hint, maybe you could give the peeps some pointers and then the “no” part would be gone haha

  3. Margie

    Sister Precious, it is so good to see you and so glad that Dad is giving you some nice brushes. That does feel good. Glad you are doing well. You all have a super day and stay cool.

  4. Katie Isabella

    Precious, I am ALWAYS so happy to see you, and you areas beautiful as you ever were!

  5. Pam

    Beautiful little girl! Part Tortie I see. My Lily Bit is a tabby tortie mix which gives her the prettiest markings and color. Unlike you though my girl don’t like brushing and sure don’t like to be held and loved. All I wanted with a lap dog, well that was not to be with Dakota so I hoped for a lap cat….yep, lost that one too…haha

  6. Pam

    Pleas do me a favor and tell Brain thanks for the info on feline leukemia….its helps to know these things. Also..i left a message about you pretty girl but I am not sure it took…hoping so.

  7. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    Quiet is good, Sister Precious. I am glad Simon has stopped trying to gatecrash. It took a long time for it to sink in that you didn’t want him visiting. I am glad you are enjoying your brushies during dad time.

  8. Comedy Plus

    Looks like you’re doing very well. Have dad time is the best and especially since you get brushed. Excellent.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your peeps. ♥

  9. knottedfingers

    You are such a sweet kitty Sister Precious I’m glad you like your brushing time and I’m also glad the the young fluffy boycat finally got the picture!

  10. The Swiss Cats

    We’re glad you’re enjoying your brushing time with your dad, and some quiet time since Simon didn’t try to “rattle your gate” again. Purrs

  11. The OP Pack

    So nice to see you today, Sister Precious. You are looking very nice too. We bet it is quite entertaining to watch Brother Simon. He sounds like a really funny boy:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Raven

    It’s good to see you again Sister Precious. Sometimes quiet time is the best. I hope Brother No Simon continues to amuse you.

  13. Marv

    Hi Precious!
    I guess Simon does know how to entertain! Mom says am good at that too…You sure are a beautiful grrl cat!
    And I have not yet discovered the joys of brushing…sometimes I like it, Sometimes I don’t.
    Purrs to all of you guys!

  14. Jan K

    We think Simon maybe finally learned not to mess with the senior lady!! It’s probably best not to let your guard down though, Sister Precious, he will probably be back!
    In the meantime, enjoy your peace and quiet, and your special time with the Dad! ♥

  15. Foley Monster, Pocket and River

    Getting brushed then checking out blogs seems like a lovely way to spend the day

  16. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Yur Pappaw iss one of thee BESTEST Hu’manss mee knows Sisfur Precious!! Hee iss a keep-purr! An so are you……an mee finkss “No Simon” got thee hint mee furend…..mew mew mew….
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxXXxx

  17. Mark's Mews

    I wish I could get used ta bein brushed. Fer a short-haired cat I sure lick off a lot of loose fur and it allus gives me trouble later. ~ IZA

  18. da tabbies o trout towne

    precious…hay ewe gorgeouz !!!! we iz sorree we iz late with R commint N we hope ta cod it postz what with web site crazeez….itz grate ta see ewe again N we R buzzed happee yur
    doin sew well……caturday brushinz R grate round her sew we NOE everee day brushinz bee awesum ~~~~~ heerz two a grate week oh end N watch a game 😉 ♥♥

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