A Sister Saturday Snail Day with Sister Precious

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sister saturday precious 09082018It’s Sister Saturday with me, Precious, reporting from my Upstairs Suite.  I’m a pretty happy girl because I made a request and the Dad came through for me.  I wanted a new Maxx Snail Scratcher and I needed one really bad and it came the other day.  I sure am a happy camper, I love my Snail Scratcher.  Not only are they fun to scratch on, they are just purrfect of getting comfy and relaxing.

Listen, I may be an older gal, but let me tell you, I can still tear up a scratcher with the best of them.  I have several scratchers up here and they don’t last me long, I really rip into them.  Do you want to see what I did to my Snail Scratcher and why I really needed a new one?  Okay, here you go…

All used upSee, I scratched all the way through it!  The Dad says he can be about anywhere downstairs and hear me scratching away up here.  Oh was I happy when the Dad brought the new one upstairs.  Thanks Dad, I love you!

That’s what I’ve been up to and I hope you are having some fun too.  Enjoy your Saturday everyone.  Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

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32 thoughts on “A Sister Saturday Snail Day with Sister Precious

  1. Jan K

    It certainly looks like you really enjoy a good scratching session, Sister Precious! We’re glad you got a nice new one, your Dad is so good to you.

  2. Diane

    I bet Sister Precious uses that to take out her frustrations when the other peeps come up to her suite😻

  3. Comedy Plus

    We all know that dad will get you whatever you want. It’s a good thing. You’re a pretty girl too.

    Have a purrfect Sister Saturday. My best to your peeps. ♥

  4. The OP Pack

    Sister Precious – how nice to see you here today. You have quite the mean paw there!!! We are glad you have a new one and hope it lasts a very long time.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Jeanna

    It’s been going at a snail’s pace here, Precious, but a new scratcher is always exciting news. That’s some impressive work there, little girl.

  6. Cathy Keisha

    Whoa! Good deal on the destruction so you get a new one. I’ll bet you didn’t have it long either. I don’t use cardboard but I bet I couldn’t even do that.

  7. Marv

    Goodness Gracious! Sister Precious you really know what to do with Scratchers! The only one who does this here is Mr Kozmo. He has worn out a couple too! And recious, my Mom thinks you are a gorgeous cat!

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