20 Years: Always Remember

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32 thoughts on “20 Years: Always Remember

  1. ERin the Cat

    We will never forget. Even from across the pond, here in Upper Much-Mousing, there is a place in our hearts for thos that were lost, and those left behind.
    Gentle purrs

  2. Caren

    we will never forget……..didn’t blog this year…..but am watching Live Coverage…..it will always break my heart in a zillion pieces

  3. Stephanie B

    Been watching the history Channel. Seeing things from different viewpoints than I had seen in the past. Huge gain in perspective but also so much more devastating 😢

  4. Catscue Catmom

    I have worked for American Airlines for over 30 years, that was the worst day. For weeks afterward our headquarters building was covered with flowers from people driving by and dropping off bouquets, cards, teddy bears and all sorts of things in honor of the folks who died in those planes. I will never forget that day and pray that no one ever has to experience a day like that again.

  5. The Oceanside Animals

    Charlee: “Our Dada says he was in a meeting that day in the only room in the building that had a television, and someone came in and said to turn on the television, and that was the end of the meeting.”

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