It Is a Sister Saturday Dr. Suess Day

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Welcome to Dr. Seuss Day, the day when kitties, puppies, horses, birds and bunnies have fun all day long and we get to say Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss. He gave so many so much fun throughout the years. So here is our contribution from some of the gang.

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It’s been over a year when Maxwell and Macy came here.
Brian, Simon, Seal and Kiki their presence did cheer. 

Then to the Bridge Brian went, we didn’t want him to go.
But Brian said when I find the right ones to send I’ll sure. let you know.

sister saturday seuss 03 03022024

He first send us Titan, a sweet little boy,
and then here comes Tyler to give us more joy.

sister saturday seuss 04b 03022024 copy

And here comes sweet Tinslee with a cute little face,
She soon will be running all over our place.

Oh my gosh just look at her colorful fluff.
We’re all in agreement that eight is enough.

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Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

Welcome to the happy family sweet Tinslee! You are a cute beauty.
Eight no doubt is enough and we had eight for a period of time…
Mariette + Kitties

1 month ago

Eight is great.
Why not more?
Oh, we’re sure there will be …
If they paw at the door.
For at Brian’s Home all are welcomed
with warmth and with love,
as Brian Forever
watches from above.
But for now these sweet eight
will love, laugh and play
while Mom and Dad
watch over them all
with great care every day.

1 month ago

Tinslee is a cutie….you have such a PURRFECT family now. We love Dr. Seuss’s tales and have always celebrated his “day”. Hope you all have a great weekend of fun.

Hugs, Teddy

2 Senior Girl Kittens
2 Senior Girl Kittens
1 month ago

Hello Tinslee! We look forward to seeing you settle in with your family 😺😸
We miss Brian but are happy he is still doing his good work!

Last edited 1 month ago by 2 Senior Girl Kittens
1 month ago

Oh my goodness! welcome Tinslee. Eight is enough, its and even number and that is about all my poor memeory will allow in the remember the names of Brians Home cats. hope you all have a good time today and that someone will read you a story

1 month ago

All of you are very poetic this morning. Very Dr Seuss like.

My GBGV Life
1 month ago

Oh my heavens, another kitty! You all are so crazy but how fun to have so many siblings! Huge congratulations!

1 month ago

Tinslee…Gosh, another new kitty?? How can you take care of so many?

1 month ago

There is so lovely cats in your home.

Laila and Angel Minchie

Oh Tinslee, welcome to the house of eight! You could never have too many cats in our opinion!

Katie Isabella
1 month ago

I am just so happy to meet Tinslee and so happy she is here in just the right household. What a gorgeous Tortie. I absolutely love Torties and Tuxies. What a beauty. And what a great poem to celebrate a new family member!!!

1 month ago

Little Tortie! Lily Bit is only 1/2 and ha sa full bloom Tortie Tude…..I hope this sweet babe fits in really nicely and she loves all and all love her.

Cecilia Upchurch
1 month ago

OMC Tinslee makes Triple T’s.
Eight is great

What a fun fun tribute to Dr. Seuss and sharing Tinslee with us.

Cecilia Upchurch
1 month ago

PS I got so excited I forgot to say Hugs Cecilia

1 month ago

You are adorable, Tinslee, and we love your poem and all of your Suess art! Happy Suess Day!

Turtle Lover
Turtle Lover
1 month ago

Eight is great but there could be more
You never know when a cat will show up at your door
I enjoy reading all about your fun
Brian’s work is never done!

Memories of Eric and Flynn

Welcome Tinslee! Eight is enough until the next time! We had eleven at one time before Eric and Flynn and had to fight to find a spot in our bed at night.

1 month ago

Eight is a lot of cats to feed and litter boxes to clean. But it’s worth it when they share their purrs and paw pats.

The Florida Furkids
1 month ago

OMC…welcome Tinslee.

Lucy and Xena
1 month ago

So it is taking 3 new kits to cover what one Brian did and left behind. Good job, Angel Brian. We haven’t met Tinslee yet. Welcome, pretty girl! We really like the Dr Seuss poem, too. Have a fun day! XOX Xena and my gang

Millie & Walter
1 month ago

Welcome to the family Tinslee! We love how you celebrated Dr. Seuss with your poem about your growing family.

1 month ago

Mornin’, everybody – And who do we have here?!! Welcome, Tinslee! Y’know, there’s always room in our hearts to love another. Are you a torti? My first cat many years ago was a long-haired tortie. I’m looking forward to learning more about you. P.S. I love your name. And your little red collar with bell. I’m sure your new home with be filled with the sounds of your little bell!

1 month ago

In a world of whiskers, tails so neat
Seven cats gathered, ready to greet
With fur so soft, and eyes so wide
They welcomed Tinslee with joy and pride!

1 month ago

Oh that is a marvelous poem! Very 😎 cool. Happy Dr. Suess Day!

Darla M Sands
1 month ago

This made my day. 😀 Blessings to you all and Happy Dr. Suess Day!

Kitties Blue
1 month ago

OMC…you are now at eight…just like us! We love the newbies. Angel Brian did a great job sending you just the right babies. We are really looking forward to watching them find their places in the family and grow up. Congratulations! XOCK, angels Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta & Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

Wylie Hudson
1 month ago

A big welcome to Tinslee! I have a feeling you all will have a lot of fun.

1 month ago

Somehow I zoned out earlier and missed Tinslee! What a cutie!

mary McNeil
mary McNeil
1 month ago

A new Tortie ! Welcome Tinslee as the Third Model T !

A ShutterBug Explores
1 month ago

wow! Tinslee ~ you are a cutie ~ and what a fun Dr Seuss post and creations ~ love your poem ~ thanks and hugs,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

1 month ago

Bellas fotos mi preferida es la ultima. Te mando un beso.

Ellen J Pilch
1 month ago

Cute post. Congrats on adopting another kitty!

Melissa & Mudpie
1 month ago

I love this!!! Welcome, Tinslee! You are one beautiful tortie. Eight is the purrfect number…until someone else needs you 🙂

Fur Everhywhere
1 month ago

That poem is so cute! Great job, kitties!! <3

Cheerful Monk
1 month ago

Wow! You have a big family. I hope you had fun on Dr. Seuss Day. ❤️

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels Three

I am sure Dr. Seuss would be proud of the way you have honored him

I forgot about Dr Seuss day. I like his book “Oh The Place You Will Go”

Marjorie Dawson
Marjorie Dawson
1 month ago

OMG Tinslee you are so precious and a TORTIE! Welcome dear friend it is so good to meet you!

Wendy and Dani
1 month ago

My goodness, how wonderful! It’s a great way to announce your newest kitty, and I love the name Tinslee. She will certainly be the subjects of a Dani LOL very soon.
You all did great with the Dr. Suess theme.

Mark's Mews
1 month ago

Great poem! And “yeah, what Zoolatry said”. MOL!

The Oceanside Animals
1 month ago

Charlee: “Our Dada is over here singing ‘🎵 And eight is enough to fill our lives with love. 🎵’ Apparently it’s the theme song for some ancient show he used to watch, or maybe listen to on the radio. But it’s not wrong!”

Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny

WOW! What a great purrformence of you all and Angel Brian did a wonderful job from above, to send in all the little cuties, that’s a win win💗More Pawkisses for effurryone🐾😽💞

messymimi's meanderings

Eight is great! I hope you all had a fabulous Dr. Seuss Day, I’ve been working days and nights and am trying to catch up with everyone.