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sister saturday dolly 01 12122020

Sister Saturday Caturday Art Day with Dolly: Washing Around the Christmas Tree

Hello sweet friends, thanks for coming by to see me, I sure love it when you stop by. I wanted to show you that I’m still hanging out under the… Read more »

sister saturday seal 01 11212020

Sister Saturday Caturday Art Day with Seal: Can I Have Some Purrs and POTP Please?

Hello everyone, I’m really glad you stopped by to see me, but I’m always glad when you do, especially when it’s on Sister Saturday. I hope y’all have had a… Read more »

sister saturday dolly 01 11142020

Dolly Talks About Dinner Laps on Sister Saturday Caturday Art Day

WeeeeeOooooo, Sister Saturday here we go!  Oh, hello everyone, thanks for stopping by, I always smile when you visit, really I do.  I hope you are having a good Saturday,… Read more »